Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No, not for me. For HHH. See he has this shoulder piece he got from before he knew me. It was originally an old girlfriends name and his high school football jersey number. Then after he met me and we had been together for a year or two, he tried to get it turned into his mom's name because it was so close to the ex g/f's name( 1 letter off.) The place he got it covered at did a crappy job though, and the ink faded leaving a rather ugly bunch of letters on his left shoulder.

Now, he would like to try and have it covered up again. He went to a new shop that just opened up down the row from our business. The guy there told him to come up with a design or a drawing of what he wants to go over it, and they'd work on it for him. There in lies the rub of it. HHH doesn't know what he wants to get.

He already has the "Bull" pirate ship from TI in Las Vegas with our wedding date underneath it on his other shoulder. He has his initials on his right upper arm too. Now this is where you people come in. We need ideas for HHH. Vegas Landmarks are good. He also likes the Buc's, was in the Navy, and Is fond of fast cars. Typical guy stuff. I told him he should get the Welcome To Vegas sign. Either that or the corresponding ship from TI, the "Song". So come on people.... suggestions? Please?

Oh, and don't suggest my name or our names together. Not gonna invoke that curse, thank you very much!


metalmom said...

It might help if we had an idea of what the existing tat looked like.

Good luck with that!

phinz said...

I agree with metalmom--can we see a pic of the existing design?

Also--kinda liking the Welcome to Las Vegas sign idea.

Christina LMT said...

I second phinz' suggestion. Naturally!