Monday, July 27, 2009

Holy Jebus!!

Honestly that's all I got. Wow. Today was one thing right after another. First I had an employee text in. Yes... not call in.... TEXT in! That was a new one on me! Seems one of the girls has a throat infection or something and she was going to the emergency room for treatment. I asked for proof in the way of Hospital papers. I'm nice, but I'm not stupid. Then I went out and started cleaning and got a frantic call from one of the other girls. Seems she just got a call from her husband's work and her husband fell off a 15 foot ladder onto a concrete floor. (He works in soffits and aluminum.) I had to run and get her, take her back to the office so she could rush to the hospital, then I ran and got HHH to follow me to the job I was at, I dropped off the toaster I was driving, got in the car w/HHH, and had him take me to the to that the other girl would have been doing if she hadn't had an emergency, and I went and finished that job, then I drove all the way to the last job I had with the team I started out with, all to get back to the office at 5:30pm. Then I had to start the paperwork, and end of day crap. Lucky for me, on of my other girls who was waiting on me to get back to the office started the laundry for me! I guess when I treat people nice, they are nice back to me! That'll be another breakfast surprise come Friday morning!
So now I'm tired, my head hurts from all the dust I inhaled today, and I am going to go to be early. Tomorrow promises to be a better day. Only 5 houses all together. I can deal with that.


Putz said...

do you know you have been this way your whole life and now you have a responsible job that tests those traits of loyalty, hard work, thoughness, caring, suspision of your employee'sd excuses....remember when you were ready to call in yur chips?????

phinz said...

You are incredible. Your boss is one lucky person.