Monday, July 20, 2009

Hi There.

And for your reading enjoyment, and because I was super busy today, here are your Bullets du Jour!
**There was a killer lightning storm this morning. By killer, I mean I was ducking even though I was inside, from the bright flashes and earth shattering thunder. It probably didn't help that they are building a new parking garage two blocks over and the gigantic crane was acting like a lightning rod.
** I had to go and clean another house today. It was OK because it was a guy who is new and I like t go and meet the new clients. Now he's even more impressed that the office manager came and cleaned his house. We won't tell him I used to be just a regular cleaning girl until 2 weeks ago. Let's let him stay impressed.
** At the new client's house, there were two of the fattest Beagles I have ever seen. They were chubby loves that really wanted me to stop dusting and start with the fanny schritches. There also was an adorable Basset Hound that took almost the whole two and a half hours to decide I wasn't so bad. After that, she kept trying to steal my dust mop. Too cute!
** I am on fire when it comes to landing new clients. I have signed 4 in the last two weeks, and I am hoping to sign two more tomorrow. Boss Lady says I am a good luck!
** Speaking of Boss Lady, she and I were on the phone almost all day today. She's in Michigan right now and we can both use the computer at the same time thanks to We were brainstorming where to put the clients who were coming out of the woodwork this week wanting to get cleaned right away! Mondays are NEVER boring.
**I hired my replacement. She is starting tomorrow for training. I can't go with her tomorrow because I have those two estimates in Bradenton, but I am sending her with one of our better team leaders and I will see what she has picked up tomorrow when I go out with her. It'll be good to have that extra person for when someone calls in. (Like what happened today.)
**I really hate it when people try to call in, get shot down, then re-call in with a different problem. A non fixable problem. Like today, a girl called & asked for the day off because someone was coming to move boxes of a former roommates things out of her house. I was already short a person due to a standing day off request so I had to nix that idea due to work I needed to do in the office. Then 15 minutes later, the same girl calls in with a babysitter problem. Uh.... you did this crap last week chickie. I was having a REALLY hard time believing her this time. Her "babysitter" problem seems to be happening EVERY Monday. I am wondering what excuse I am going to get next Monday.
I'm tired.
**The stress from me wanting to do a really good job in this manager position is making my face break out. I feel like I'm 15 again. WTH??!! Where's my damn Clearasil?
**I'm still nibbling on the pork shoulder we smoker this weekend.It was lunch Monday.... and more than likely will be for Tuesday & Wednesday too! Then it's back to fruit and yogurt. I also need to get my butt out and on the bike again. Haven't rode it since I took the manager's job. Need to keep the 25lb weight loss steady and dropping some more.
And that's all I got.

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