Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hell Or Purgatory?

I don't know which one we were in tonight.
It had been a really long day. I was running from one job to another, then to the office to meet the A/C guys, then had to run back out to another job, THEN come back to the office to finish up all the paperwork. Sheesh! It's hard work being the boss! So after a day like that, I was ready to go out and have a nice dinner where there was Happy Hour running 2 for 1 specials. Off to Chili's we went and got there before the dinner crowd. We go up to the hostess and she asks us how many people in our party, we say 5 and it was off to the table.... and there was the problem. We were instantly sent to the "Families with Kids" section.
Now, I have kids. There is no fibbing my way out of that. I love my kids. It's other people's kids I have a problem with. When our family goes out in public, my children know that they are to be seen & not heard, they are to say please and thank you to the servers, and they are under no circumstances to make a scene over anything short of having a diabetic seizure. These instructions are backed up with punishment and there are no if's and's or but's. The problem I run into is my rules are great, but other people don't use the same kind of logic and rules for their children.
So we were sat in the Kiddie section next to a table that had a 1 year old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old. I guess these were busy people. Anywho, the kids were louder than usual for those that age,mom and dad were ignoring said kids, and the two little girls almost knocked HHH's margaritas off our table. Major party foul. Then there was the other tables.... loaded with two to three kids each. All of them rude, loud, and obnoxious. Then the table with the three kids next to me started wailing at the tops of their lungs. Not exactly what I WANTED TO HEAR! I just wanted to relax.
Now, I want to know why the restaurants sit all the families together. Is it a segregation thing? Keep the singles away from the families? Or is it just easier if they are all in the same section of the restaurant? Either way, I was not amused. I just wanted to drink my drinks, eat my dinner, and not have someone else's child breathing over my plate from the next table. Is that so much to ask?
You can bet that next time we go there, I am asking to be sat in the Adult section.
Have any of you ever been sat in a section that was inappropriate for you family?


Finn said...

It's a segregation thing. No one else wants to sit next to those people either.

It would be totally unecessary if people would just parent their children instead of letting little people with unfinished brains do whatever occurs to them whenever it occurs to them.


phinz said...

I HATE sitting next to loud kids, and whenever the hostess tries to seat us near them, I request a different table. I simply will not put up with it and have been known to leave rather than be irritated all through dinner. I don't care how that might make me look.

Of course, I don't have kids, but it doesn't take more than 30 seconds to be able to tell if the kids seated nearby are going to be obnoxious. I'd sit by your kids ANY day because it would be obvious by their behaviour that they know how to behave appropriately.

Wouldn't you just LOVE to dump a glass of ice water on the parents who ignore thier little brats?!