Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Excuses.... Excuses....

OMG I am so over everyone's excuses when it comes to work, or rather when it comes to not coming in to work! Remember the other day when someone TEXTED in to me? Oh yes.... some stellar individual texted in to me that they wouldn't be able to come into work due to a throat infection where she couldn't talk. I said OK... bring me dr's note when you get back from the ER she said she was going to. I have yet to see the papers, but was told "Oh just call my Mom. She can vouch for me." Sorry, I don't take mommy's word.
Oh and all the "I'm sick" excuses I have gotten lately! Everything from stomach flu to bronchitis to nose bleeds!! What the hell? I am going to start to ask for Dr notes from everyone! Seems people are only sick on Monday's. Sounds like the cocktail flu to me.

Then there was today. I had the new girl call me all panicked. Seems she was going to ride in with her friend because new girls car was broke down. Only problem was new girl couldn't get a hold of her friend( friend works for us too.). I give friend a call and it seems she is having car trouble too. Oh... and she wasn't going to call me about it till AFTER she was supposed to be in the office. Yeah... thanks chick. So I tell her to keep me informed about her car and I got ready to go out. Personally, I think that call in had less to do with the car and more to do with the fight she had with her boyfriend. Seems every time she has something else she wants to do, she suddenly has "car trouble". Sigh....

So tomorrow, bright and early, I am going to put an ad on Craigslist for more help. I am going to do interviews and I am going to specify that the people must live in Sarasota proper and if you don't have dependable transportation, don't bother. Then, next time I get the old, "My car won't start" excuse, SEE YA!!!!

Mrs. Nice Blondefabulous has left the building!!!


see see so me said...

welcome to the world of being boss!~~when i could, i switched payday to mondays~~greatly improved attendance

Blondefabulous said...

SEE SE SO ME: I can't do that unfortunately. Not my call. I have been a boss before, and asking for dr's notes usually keeps the "I'm sick" excuses down. The ad is already up on Craigslist.

phinz said...

That's a good idea--and when you have a list of candidates, perhaps you should display it prominently on your desk (accidentally, of course). Just 'cuz.

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Why can't people just be honest and give a legitimate reason?

"I'm still drunk, so I shouldn't drive to work right now."

"I'm hungover and will probably puke soon. I know you'd rather me do that on my floor."

"I'm using my one phone call to tell you I'm in jail and I don't know why."

"My boyfriend/girlfriend gave me something and now I think a doctor should check me out."