Saturday, July 11, 2009

Business Or Pleasure?

Today was a little of both for me. After I woke up at 8:30am, (which is a miracle because my body seems programed to get up at 7 every day), I spent the day lounging around till HHH got home from work at 10. After that we had a few errands to run like going grocery shopping, looking at some furniture for the new apartment, and then I had an errand to run for work. It seems weird to say stuff like that. I spent so much time staying at home or just being one of the cleaners that just thinking about running the office is still new. And, yes, I know I have been saying this in almost every blog post I have written in the last week, but you have to understand it still seems new and weird. I imagine next week when I am in the thick of things and I have made a few mistakes, it will have sunk in, but till then, it all exciting!

Yesterday, after work I took the family out to celebrate our good fortune. We went to Chili's and I had a Mandarin Blush. Much to my enjoyment, it was 2 for 1! So I was a little tipsy for the evening. Then we went to Old Navy and I got some new pants for work. After losing all my weight, I didn't have any office wear. I got a couple of pairs of khaki pants and some new shirts. Now I will look nice in the office. I'm in trouble if I lose any more weight though. I guess I'll just buy a belt!

Tomorrow(Sunday) I am going to go to the pool with the kids and just relax. There aren't any pressing emails on the office account and no one has called in for Monday yet, so we should be golden for the first day of me running the joint.

Now, if I could just get these butterfly's out of my damn stomach!


phinz said...

Enjoy the butterflies! They're part of the excitement of moving up in the world!

Christina LMT said...

Go with the flow, Blondie! Sounds like you already have a handle on everything. Have fun at the pool!