Friday, July 24, 2009

Because I Had A Bad Day....

Oh my sweet baby Jebus did I have a doozy of a day today. I thought I was gonna go nuts before it was over with. First my sunglasses broke right before I was out the door for work. Then I get to work and the new girl I just hired has a message on our voice mail saying she is in the hospital with an ovarian cyst the size of a golf ball! Eek! After that things settled down for about an hour and then..... BOOM! I got a call from one of the teams. Seems they have locked the job book, (which contains all of the jobs, directions, & maps) in the first house they were cleaning and now they can't get back in. Great. I call the client, but only got their answering machine. Double great. I tell the team how to get to the next job and I go about making a whole new job book for the rest of the houses they had left. I got over to BFE section of Bradenton and gave them the new job book I made. After that I had to drive all the way back to Sarasota and the office to get the Monday paperwork started. Then I get another call from another team. Seems their third job isn't home. Triple great. No answer on their phone number either, so I tell the team to head back to the office and we'll head over to the last job on time since I can't get that client to move up in time slot. (some clients aren't very flexible.) Then I get ANOTHER call. This one is from a client. The client isn't happy. Team Lost My Book is late getting to her house. OK. I'll check on them and call her right back. I call Team Lost My Book and they say they are close to her house.I call the client back and inform her of the situation. She agrees to wait on them. I thought that was the end of it, but noooooooooooo. 20 minutes later client calls back and she is steaming. The team still isn't there, she is pissed and says she no longer wants our services, thank you very much. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck! The I get a frantic call from Team Lost My Book. They are beyond lost! It seems Hungarian Hurricane not only can't speak English very well,she also can't navigate for shit either! The directions say the home is located near the intersection of Lockwood Ridge and University Avenue. Hungarian Hurricane had them going out to LAKEWOOD RANCH!!! Oh my God! They spent an hour being lost. I tell them the lady just cancelled and to call the next house and see if they can go there early. (They did. See, ... some people are just more flexible).

I gave up and went back to the office to meet up with the other team who had the unexpected cancellation. One of the girls had to leave, so she went home and I went in her place to the last house on their list. On the ride there, I had to call L and tell her we had lost a client. Not exactly a call I was happy about making. I got her voicemail and left the message. Then I went and took out my frustration on the bathrooms in the house! Eventually, L called back and told me not to be too worried. If I called and apologized and the lady still didn't care, maybe she wasn't the kind of client we needed. Now me personally, the only thing a client needs is cash money to pay for the job, but I'm not the owner, so as long as L wasn't all pissed at what happened, I was all good.

Now, after all that mess, it was time to go back to the office to start the laundry, check in all the day's payments, and make the job books for Monday. Wheeeeee! I didn't get home till 5:30 and the whole time I was tweeting that I wanted a multitude of vodka shots. I wasn't kidding. I needed some alcohol BAD!!!!! Instead, I got HHH handing me a wonderful dinner right as I walked in the door, kids who did not bother me until I decompressed, and a hot shower. Oh that is the best after a long rotten day!

So anyway, that was my Friday. How was yours??

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