Thursday, July 16, 2009

Alone Again.....

As of 8am on Friday morning, I will be the only person in charge at the office. Yep. Boss Lady had to fly back to Michigan for her other business she runs, (a business coaching endeavor) and I am going to be left in charge for all of next week! Yay for me. I haven't screwed up too terribly this week. Aside from the total crap fest that was Monday, things have been running smoothly. I have gotten the clients taken care of, the schedule done every day, and the money posted to the bank on time. That's all someone can ask isn't it?
Oh, and another cool thing I get to do...... Tweet! I get to twitter on our company account about green facts, what we're doing for the day, and all kinds of fun things! Our Twitter handle is GreenWorldClean and you should add us! Up until now, I haven't been mentioning my business's name, but the cat is out of the bag now. I'm going to @followfriday it tomorrow from work too!
I found a job where I get paid to play on the computer. I love it!
HHH isn't so thrilled. He always made fun of my computer addiction and now that I get paid to be on a computer all day?? He's making fun even more! Ha ha! I don't care. They say find something you like doing and find a way to make money at it right?
And did I mention that I get to drive the Sporty toaster all week next week? It's more awesome than the regular toasters! I love this job!


phinz said...

My hubby makes fun of my time on the web all the time--but he's certainly very grateful when we get hits on the website I BUILT ALL BY MYSELF and callers tell him they like our site!
So a big wet *raspberry* to husbands who don't acknowledge our awesome computer skills!

Other than THAT HHH sounds like a major catch and GOOD FOR YOU!

Nicole said...

you are rockin it awesomely Nic!! I'm super excited for you with the new position at work!!

And i want a toaster :(

Finn said...

Glad you're happy in your new job! Now to just get that new apartment and you'll be all set.