Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Man, I'm tired today. Didn't have monster houses like yesterday, and there was 3 people on our team which made time go by quickly. I don't know...... I'm just sleepy! Maybe it was the 10 foot glass windows I had to clean in the last house. A feat for me considering I am 5'4" tall. Me, the ladder, and the squeegee had a good old time.


Oh, in other news...... I got a photo of mine used on I must warn you... it is a little scary, but not as scary as when I had to see it in person! I'm known as Nicolette on there. Some of the comments so far have been really funny.


OK, I'm getting a scone and some tea and going to bed.

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Nicki said...

You should get one of those Windex Outdoor kits! I saw them on TV! Its like a squeegee on a long pole, I think...