Sunday, June 7, 2009


** I find it weird that the interpreter for the hearing impaired sign that the Beetlejuice show has loud music and pyrotechnics. What do they care? They can't hear anyway!

** It is pointless to try and drive in the rain when everyone else thinks rain = STOP! Useless waste of freeway space.

** If there is a small accident on the side of the road, EVERYONE will slow down to an almost dead stop. Another useless waste of freeway space.

** I tend to scream obscenities at the people in the above two instances.

** Tourists will always stop at the point of a walkway that has the least amount of space across and block the way so no one can get by, thereby creating a back up of sweaty, smelly people.

** I hate my husband's family.(But not Pops.)

** A grown man, outside in a thunderstorm, will jump a good two feet in the air when lightning strikes the roller coaster he is walking next to. I watched and laughed my ass off. I was indoors at the time. (Blondefabulous ain't stupid.)

** Our family always gets "Galaxy Defender" when we go on Men In Black. ALWAYS! Even my 7 year old son can score over 100,000 points. The ride car seats six people, and our family only has five,so we usually get a single rider with us. My tiny ballerina scored 214,775, where as the adult male single rider that rode along with us only scored 1500!

** My new favorite word is "Fabboobulous". DamamaT made that up just for me!

** Next time I go to Orlando,(which will be next month for my birthday!!) I would like to meet up with some Orlando bloggers. I never get to go and meet anyone! I'm glad I got to meet Mommilicious back in December, yet I'd like to meet a few more of you guys!


Damama T said...

LOve it! LOL! I've spent the last several months teaching my daughter to drive pointing out just that type of stupidity!

The thing for the deaf is to warn them that there are lots of vibrations and light flashes so they don't get freaked out, by the way.

And, my original full thought for your new word was "you faboobulous bitch" but I figured I'd lose a bunch of twitter followers if I actually said it there! ROFL!

Blondefabulous said...

DAMAMAT: Driving to Orlando always makes me yell at the other drivers!

I know about the deaf thing, it just struck me as funny!

I would have laughed my ass off if you had said all that!

Nicole said...

yay - kudos to me!!

I would LOVE to meet you guys up there that would be AWESOME ,but I don't think that we can swing it :(

I have to use my vacation for the trip we're taking up North to see the family - so that = no time off for me next month :(

I hope you had a blast this weekend

Russ said...

Damn, after all that, I was expecting some quotes from "Vacation"!

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: Well, you know we had to get on the road. Got some sight seeing to do and we may just add a tetnus shot to the list.

(Vegas Vacation)

delmer said...

I thought the stopping-in-rain bit was an Ohio thing. A heavy mist throws a lot of our drivers for a loop.

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Foozzle almost sounds like a real word... so did dehydru... That's weird!