Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yes, ladies and gentlemen.... we have our winner for the first ever contest here on Blondefabulocity.

It's Mommielicious

Hooray, cheers and all that! Yes Nicole, better known on Twitter as Mommielicious, guessed that this week held the special occasion that was my anniversary! My 5th wedding anniversary! So, for guessing this great and wonderful occasion, she wins a beautiful Las Vegas pin! Yes, Vegas.... Sin City. What happens there stays there, and what happened there 5 years ago was mine & HHH's wedding at the fabulous TI. It wasn't cheesy or anything! Promise! And we even had it broadcast over the Internet so the people who couldn't come to Vegas could still watch. We spent a glorious week in the gambling den, at the pool, at the bars, at the slot machines...... It was great. We flew home married and happy..... and we still are!

So thanks to everyone who participated..... all 5 of you! Maybe my next contest will be more fun! And Nicole...... call me so I can get w'you to find out how you want me to send your pin!

Oh, and HHH honey........ I love you so very, very much! Happy anniversary sweet heart!


Nicole said...

I should tell you taht I took ur FB how well do you know Nicole quiz - yeah I know you better than people I've known for a lot longer - LOL!!!

We have to get together one of these weekends when your NOT at IOA

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: I have to go get another pin. While I was taking the photo last night I noticed the clasp on this one is broken, but yeah... let's get together! I'll be at IOA all weekend though. Taking HHH for Father's Day!