Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sh*t Has Hit The Fan!

OMG! The drama that has been going on at my job has been so frickin' hilarious. First of all, my boss J has sold 80% of the whole thing to a partner/investor. The woman was actually a consultant J brought in to analyze the business and give pointers on how to maximize profits. She liked the business so much, she invested her own money in it and now I have a new boss named L. L isn't around much though. She is splitting time between Michigan and Florida for something or another, so they had hired JJ to run the offce while J and L are gone. JJ does oll the scheduling and office work and the very first thing L and JJ did was to have all us employees sign new papers like new I-9's, W-4's, and confidentiality/non-compete contracts. That last one is important due to this next little tid bit of information. One of my co-workers was telling us that she had to go to part time because she had a tumor on her ovary and her doctor told her she had to cut back her hours. Alrighty then. Unfortunately, it turns out she was faking. She actually started working for another company or herself, not sure which, and she stole 2 of our best clients to boot! Needless to say, J,L, & JJ are PISSED! Oh, and remember that confidentiality/non compete contract we signed? Yeah, now they are going to sue former coworker for $5000.00 because she stole the clients. Yep. One of the clauses in the contract was if we quit and told another company about our work dealings, or stole clients, we would be sued for $5000.00 in small claims court.

Holy dollar signs Batman!!

Then, to make this even juicier.... JJ is going to be leaving us next month. Seems she doesn't like the house cleaning game. She has met a gentleman, got engaged, and is going to go work with him in his accounting firm. More power to her, but now S, my coworker that started the same time as me, is going to be moving up the ladder from Team Leader to Office Manager, and she wants me to take her place as Team Leader. I went through this tango before where they asked me about being Team Leader, but said I took too many days off because of my kids Doctor appointments. Well, I have to take my kids to the doctor or they might die, so that wasn't an option, so I passed on it then. Now S says she can work around me taking doctor's appointments off for the kids, and I'm gonna lay off the going on field trips thing so Mo and Junior can start exercising their independance without Mama Hen pecking and scratching after them. So I may be taking a leader position after all. Whee hee go me.

To top all this off, S keeps gossiping to me all the juicy goodies she gets from JJ because those two are thick as thieves. Nothing personal to S, but I don't wanna know who is getting fired, who is under observation, yadda yadda yadda..... it makes me uncomfortable. Still, maybe some strategic info on my part can help me to secure that Team Leader position. An extra buck an hour might be worth doing a little recon.

Oh and we are going to be moving again, this time by choice. We can't be jacked up this time either because we will have a regular lease. The place is bigger than most starter house and comes with a detached garage. I can't wait. I am so damn tired of Mariachi. I embrace other cultures, but there are limits.

HHH & I have reached ours. La Cucaracha is gonna get stomped!


Russ said...

What is this, that old Remington Razor commercial? "I liked it so much, I bought the company!:

phinz said...

My my my, what a lot of goings-on!

Yay for you, a promotion AND a bigger better place to live!

And no more mariachi til all hours.

What more could a girl want?

Go you!!!!