Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday In The Land Of Make Believe.

It was hot.

Like Africa hot.

Tarzan couldn't take this kinda hot.

But really, we live in Florida, so we knew what we were getting in to. Basically, the plan of attack was simple. Go to the regular rides first, shows next, then finish up on the water rides last. Good plan. We stuck to it and did almost everything. I say almost because we skipped the bigger roller coasters. The park was packed with people who were there to go to the LL Cool J concert later that evening. Hopefully tomorrow it will be a little more sane. A few things we saw today....

** A woman who did not want her hair to get wet on the Bilge Rat Barges ride, so she had on 2 shower caps. Um....IT'S A WATER RIDE, DUMB ASS!

** A couple who were riding Jazzy's. Each one of these folks was at least 450 lbs! There is almost NOTHING to do here that doesn't have a weight limit. Aside from the shows, (There are like 7), everything has weight and height requirements that will exclude you if you weigh over 300 pounds. Plus.... it was frickin' 100 degrees today with a heat index of 110! Those people had to be so uncomfortable, yet they were there with their family scooting along and holding everyone else's crap while they went and had a good old time. I just didn't get it.

** I will NEVER let my kids run around a theme park in just a teeny bathing suit or their underwear. I just shake my head at this when I see it. Yeah, little Billy getting wet was funny, but striping him down to his skives and letting him moon God and everyone in Universal is just creepy. You have no idea if the guy on the bench next to you is a predator, or just a PTA Dad! Plus, if you remove the clothes, at least put on sun screen. Way too many burnt up kids out there today!

** Universal won't let me drink my adult beverage all the way to the parking lot! Major suckage! We got a hurricane from Pat O'Brien's on the way out to the car and as we were approaching the people movers, there were two Rent-a-Cops that stopped me and motioned that I had to drink my drink before I could leave. WTF?? I wasn't driving. I wasn't intoxicated already. I wasn't doing anything! I guess it's more of an open container thing and all, but having to slam that whole hurricane made for a drunky Blondefabulous! Well, not drunky, but at least silly tipsy!

So there ya go. Day one of the Father's Day weekend here in Orlando! Stay tuned! More fun to come. If you want to see the photos I uploaded to flickr today, click here.


whall said...

wow, I haven't heard about Pat O'Briens since I moved away from Lake Charles in 1986. I miss that place.

Hoosier Girl said...

Your comments on people remind me of the crazy people I see at the grocery store.

Glad you guys had fun, even if it was hot!


Putz said...

i envy u all especially the ephraim we have rednecks on sunday driving up and down the street....remembeer boling green and you used to live in a dead town