Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Return Of Oscar.

He's back, ladies and gentlemen! Oscar is returning to the household!

Why, you ask? Well, apparently he has been biting the youngest child of the woman who took him. The little girl is 5 and still a little grabby when it comes to pets. Oscar has always been a little nippy when someone grabs him (a remnant of having been tortured by BIL's 4 kids), so I guess we will be getting our 8th back. The woman is bringing him back tomorrow afternoon. With the kids home from school, I won't have to worry about him getting bored I guess. I am glad she called me because one of my stipulations of giving Oscar to her was if, for any reason, she could no longer keep Oscar, she had to call us back asap so we could take him back.

First chance I get, he's getting his nutz cut off! I bet that will settle him down real quick!

So, welcome home Oscar. I have missed you!


phinz said...

Bye-Bye to Oscar's cotton balls!

Hoatzin said...

It sure calmed me down, hope it works in this case too :)

Blondefabulous said...

As we speak, we're waiting on someone else to come and take him. We kept the original list of people from the first interviews we did and called the second lady. She was really happy to hear from us.

So now we'll try family #2!