Sunday, June 28, 2009

People Suck!

Yes, I know. That is a very broad statement, but there are enough sucky ones to make me have to say it every once in a while. Like today for instance.

I thought we had found Oscar another home. I told the woman on the phone that he isn't going to be all happy that we are giving him to a new home and that she would have to take at least a week or two to get used to him and vice versa. She said she was OK with that so I asked her what time she could come by to get him. Then she proceeded to give me some sob story about how she is afraid to drive for long distances and could we meet each other half way and yadda yadda yadda. Sigh, fine, where would she like to meet? She said there was a mall HALFWAY between us that we could meet in the parking lot. Fine, I get the directions from her, load up the kids and start off. And I'm driving...... and driving.......AND DRIVING! WTF man?!? Then she calls me and asks why I'm late, and I say it is a little farther than I she said while describing some landmarks and she tells me I am really close and it won't be long now. OK. I hang up the phone and I'm driving...... and driving......AND DRIVING! WTF!!??!! Now I am calling her, a little exasperated, asking if it is really much further and she assures me it is in the next block... and it was. I get to the parking lot and find the car I was supposed to meet up with....... and she isn't even in it. No, the only reason I drove that freakin' far was because the woman said she was scared to drive, AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN DRIVE THERE! Oh hells nah! It was her husband and her son (Who could have driven to Sarasota), and the guy met Oscar for 5 minutes, decided he didn't want him, gave me $5 for gas and drove off.


It turned out, the directions the woman gave me was to her hometown. Not halfway, not even part way but all the way to where she lived. The lady lied, I wasted my time and gas and all we got was $5???? I frickin' HATE people. I wouldn't be so angry except I told the woman on the phone Oscar has to have time to warm up to you. He isn't some Scooby Doo clone who is gonna bowl you over with kisses and love right away. He's a chihuahua. They are nippy and snippy by nature. It took us 2 weeks till Oscar decided we weren't going to hurt him and he could trust us, so thinking a chance meeting in a parking lot for 5 minutes is going to tell you all you need to know about a dog is just stupid. Maybe it's good Oscar didn't go with them. They were probably shitty dog parents anyway.

So now I have a migraine from the driving and the pissed offedness, I am making dinner, and doing laundry. HHH lined up someone else to come and look at Oscar tonight. A woman who has had chihuahuas before and knows they take time to warm up to you. She says no matter what, she wants Oscar and she's willing to work with him.

That's all I ask. A good home for my good friend.

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phinz said...

Yes, those particular people DO suck. You are correct.

Hope it works out with the nicer lady!