Monday, June 8, 2009

Ooooooo.... Gifts!

Lookie what I got today! My Zulugrass necklace I won from Eco Child's Play!It is totally awesome. And I quote from the back of the presentation card...

" Have fun designing with Zulugrass Beaded jewelry made by the Masai women of Kenya.Natural dyed grass beads mixed with glass beads, stretchy, fits all, durable, lightweight, water resistant, colorful, and fun! Zulugrass jewelry is versatile and eco-friendly. Give the gift of opportunity! This jewelry helps employ the women of Africa."

It's color is dark honey #206. It looks really cool and the grass beads don't feel like any grass I have ever walked on! The glass beads with it are amber in color and I bet if I had had it this weekend, it would have looked bitchin' with my sundress! Thanks Wenona, for the wonderful addition to my jewelry collection. The Eco friendliness of it also fits into my new job as well. Now all I need are some bamboo fiber t shirts and some hemp shorts and I'll be all set!

(PS- This makes for two things I have won so far in the last two months, if you're keeping score. Any more luck like this and I'll be on the next flight to Vegas!)


Putz said...

east coast sort of close to all my bloggers back here...ashboro north carolina, except to save 10 dollars first to minneapolis minnisota...i have 3oo dolars to buy a hat and a two hour layover at the airport

phinz said...

I'm just a casual observer, but I think Putz SMOKED the zulu grass . . . ;0)
Awesome necklace! Take a pic wearing it with the sundress so we can see how it looks!