Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Newly Wed, Artistically Dead.

When we go to a house and clean it, I take in all the surroundings. I look around and notice the dust catchers, the furnishings, and the carpeting. When we go into a home of a newly wed couple...... you can just TELL they have just started out in life. It's not the brand spanking new appliances in the kitchen, fresh from their wedding wrappings, it's isn't the furniture that looks like it just came off the showroom floor.......

It's the lack of artwork.

Newlywed homes have none. Literally. The only thing I ever see in these honeymoon hideaways is photos from their wedding. Photos from the chapel. Photos from the reception. Photos in the photographer's studio. They are EVERYWHERE! These people don't have any other art work, not on the walls, not on the end tables. It isn't like they can't afford it. They pay my boss to let us come over and clean. It's sweet that they want to surround themselves with the happiest day in their lives, but at some point, the honeymoon is over and they are gonna say, "Wow, the walls are pretty empty."

I am making this suggestion.

Instead of registering for a useless toast server, or gravy boat...... instead of buying a gift card that newly weds will spend on useless kitchen gadgets....... buy them art for their wedding. Real art, not crap from that guy who sell pictures on the side of the road. Lithographs and paintings. The $150 you were going to blow on that stupid ass fondue set you KNOW they are never going to use would be better spent on a master's replica of a Renoir or a Matisse. Part of what makes a house a home is the art both on the walls and on the tables. With our help, we can keep the newly wed from becoming artistically dead.

Unless of course, you happen to own a Picasso,(like the one couple we clean for.), ..... then you got it made!

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Russ said...

That is a great idea! Of course, I would have to like them. The last invite we got, I think we got them a cheap ass stock pot. That way, I could pass it off as sharing my love of cooking.