Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Stuff

I have a lot going on this week, so you'll have to bear with me on this....

**The photo above is where I was working to day. A four story beach house that was lavishly appointed and luxed up to the max! It even had a POOL on the roof! I guess if you have money there are worse places to live! The funny thing was, these people weren't home because they had left on vacation. Um.... with a view like that, I'd feel like I was on vacay everyday!

**This is the weekend that we are going to Universal for HHH's family get together. We are getting up bright and early Friday morning, picking up Middle BIL from the Tampa airport, and heading to Orlando! If anyone wants to meet up for drinks that night, shoot me a comment or an email! On Saturday, HHH's Dad and the fuckwad BIL are meeting us at the parks and family fun will ensue! I expect to be tired and funned out by the end of the day. On Sunday, we are going up to HHH's Dad's in Lake City since he has to go back Saturday evening for a prior engagement. That was he'll get to see Middle BIL some more. He hasn't seen him in 6 years! After that it's back to Sarasota for one more night and then we go to the airport Monday evening to bid Middle BIL a fond farewell.

**I am going to be featured on Secondhand Radio on Talkshoe! Yes Karl had a last minute opening and lo and behold, I snagged it! I always said I had a face for radio..... now I can prove it! I just hope I don't bore everyone to death. (All 2 of them!) A whole hour of me may only last 10 minutes!

**I have been riding my bike to work every day and so far I believe people are idiots when they drive! They don't pay attention to the traffic signals, they ignore pedestrians and bicyclists, and they don't pay attention to anything but their cell phones and iPods! I know this because I almost got ran over 5 times this week so far. I'm gonna see if I can go for seven tomorrow!

**The new office manager decided to try and hassle me about needing the 18th off for my two kids Diabetes clinic. I told her it was not something I could get out of, and she suggested that if I changed the kids diet, they would be "cured" of their diabetes. Um.... 'scuse me? I have been on the diabetic, then diabetic+Celiac diets since Mo was 16 months old and Junior was 2 years! I think by now if a low sugar/low carb diet was going to "cure" them, it would have worked by now. I know eating well will help with a host of ills, but a non working organ in you body is not one of them. Still, I smiled and said thanks for the day off.

**According to Wii Sports, I am 29 years old. According to the calender, I will be turning 37 on the second of next month. *sigh* Make the aging S-T-O-P!


Putz said...

you are going to be a radio celebraty...does that mean i can't blog to you any more because you are famous?????????????????????

Blondefabulous said...

PUTZ: Celebrity? Far from!

Karl said...

Looking forward to tonight's show. BTW, while the link you gave will get people there just fine, here's the direct link to the show.