Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Blue!!

HHH got me a spa pedicure tonight! It was pure bliss!

I went for an electric blue. I thought it was a summery kind of color! Then, I slipped on my sparkly heels and we went to Starbucks for a tea lemonade.

Sometimes, my evenings are made of WIN!


Russ said...

The irony here is that women first started painting their nails because the nails were turning blue from TB.

Christina LMT said...

Beautiful! You've inspired my next color choice. :)
Glad you had fun.

Putz said...

i thought you werwe blue in your emotions, good to see you blue....why don't you blue your whole self...that would be a buzz

Hoosier Girl said...

Looks good. Thanks for the birthday wish.


phinz said...

VERY good color--it's really popular out here in LA, you bi-coastal trend setter!

Finn said...

Blue! Love it.