Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Follies!!

I'll make this quick since I know ConFab is this weekend and no one is going to be reading blogs anyway. I am so jealous. I would have liked to go, but we spent all our available $$ on that debacle of a weekend just past, and now we're saving for my birthday weekend.

** Morgan got her Jury report from the Sarasota Ballet. She passed with an 80 out of 100 possible points! I am so proud of her! She has been invited back for next years company when it starts back up in August! I am excited. This program has helped her confidence grow by leaps and bounds and i can't wait to see how she does next year!

** Rebecca goes back to the Ortho on Tuesday to see how her wrists are healing. We are REALLY hoping that the cast will come off and a brace will be substituted in it's place. 2 weeks ago, I asked all of you out there to send us good juju so her cast would come off then.... but to no avail. I think some of you people weren't even trying! I NEED GOOD JUJU PEOPLE!!

** Morgan got her FCAT scores back this week. She has scored in the 4th and 5th grade levels for both math and reading. I find the math scores especially ironic because she has had C's all year in math because the school subscribes to a curriculum that includes timed tests. Basically, they give the kids a sheet with 100 problems on it and give them 3 minutes to solve as many as they can. Morgan was always getting F's on those, but A's on the regular chapter tests. I knew it was the timed tests that were screwing her grade over. Now I have the proof! The Celiac's makes it hard to do the fast paced tests for her because it messes with your brain chemistry. I had the same problems in school too. Glad to see Morgan has been vindicated!

** My idiot fuckwad BIL is on the phone asking HHH for money. Ain't gonna happen asshole!

** The new Office Manager at work is making waves and the ladies I am working with don't like it. The Hungarians who used to have free reign over what & when they worked are no longer able to call the shots and it is pissing them off. I'm waiting for the inevitable meltdown that will be happening soon.... very soon.

** HHH has to work this weekend. I am going to be cleaning and relaxing this weekend. I'd rather be at ConFab. That is all.

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