Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Follies.

Oh man. Today was fun. I say this sarcastically, but really, we did end up having fun. The kids were being dorks.... and that is always par for the course. I was trying my damnedest to get HHH to have a good time, but between lines at the food places, VERY smelly tourists, and several rides breaking down, it was difficult at best. A few of the highlights were...

**Watching grown men scream like little girls when a plasti/resin shark head popped out of the water at Jaws.

** Having a margarita. Really. It was waaaaaaay too hot out there today.

** Being picked at the Beetlejuice show for some crowd participation, and totally surprising the actor guy by slipping him my card and saying "Call Me!" when he was expecting me to be shy and embarrassed! Gotcha!!!

** It was practically empty in both parks today. The holiday made it almost empty in there. Waiting times were almost nil and with the express passes we were basically walking onto every ride. God bless express passes!

On the margarita front, Universal has the shittiest policy when it comes to drinking on the property. You can buy a drink in one of the parks or in CityWalk, but you basically have to consume it right away. You can't go from park to park with it, can't leave with it, basically you can't enjoy it. The thing that gets me is, when they stopped me from going into IOA with my margarita, THERE WAS A BAR NOT 500 FEET INSIDE THE GATE SELLING THE EXACT SAME MARGARITA!!! Um, why do I have to throw mine out? So I can pay $8 for another one? Uh, no. Stupid!

So the weekend was OK. HHH had a good time. We made good time on the drive home and that's all she wrote until my birthday.

Now I am off to aloe up my shoulders.

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