Saturday, June 13, 2009



It's a fun game. I never really got into it, but HHH likes it. We own the "Here & Now" edition of it. In school, I learned that a monopoly was when one entity owned all the outlets of a certain business. Like when there is only one bank, or there is only one car dealership. Without competition, there can be no price wars and then only one person decides how much something costs and how big the supply can be. It just isn't fair.


In real life, a monopoly sucks. Many utility companies have monopolies on the services they render. There's only one electric company for your town. You can only get your clean water from the city you live in. Granted, these people are overseen by various governmental offices so they can't really gouge the hell out of us, but you get my point. Monopolies are alive and well in the year 2009.

And it SUCKS!

You see, I tried to rent some games from another monopoly today. One you all know as "BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO". Seems they have a new policy about how you are allowed to rent their games. Your credit card on file must be able to take a charge every 7 days. This means that every 7 days, BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO is going to run your card for $1, and if, for any reason, your card comes back as rejected or unable to process, you are suspended from renting any video games from them till such time as they can run it for that errant $1.


As we were up at the counter going through the motions of renting the two games for the kids, the gangly clerk in need of a suntan informed us of this "new" policy. Because of BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO having screwed us over before by charging extra and over charging our credit cards, we got a pre paid credit card and now use it for all our memberships like the one at BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO. That way we can't be over charged or erroneously charged for stupid crap, then having to wait for weeks to get the money re credited onto the card. We pay in cash at the store and go on our merry way. Now, thanks to the new policy at BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO, we will have to keep some cash on that card at all times. Needless to say, I was not pleased. I refused to give them another card and walked out of the store without the games, much to my children's disappointment. As I fumed in the car on the way home, I started thinking about it....... BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO pretty much has a monopoly on the home entertainment business when it comes to movie rentals and games. Unless I want to shell out $50 every time my kids want a new game to play, I am going to have to bend to BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO'S whims. I have to bend over and take it like a man because BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO had basically run everyone else out of business! Oh sure there are a few mom and pop places still left, but in the grand scheme of things, we're screwed. No lube...... no $100 left on the nightstand.

Monopoly. It's wrong for a reason.

Remember to take some lube with you the next time you go to rent a video game.


Anonymous said...

Blockbuster monopoly? How about Netflix or Gamefly?

Blondefabulous said...

ANONYMOUS: True, there are those places, but it was the ease and conveinience of going to the corner BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO and actually having a brick and mortar place to rent. The kids get tired of the games pretty fast, so the mail was kinda slow to them.