Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Better... And Your Last Hint!

OMG yesterday sucked! I hate the stomach flu! Unfortunately, having to go into 3 to 4 different houses every day leaves you 3 to 4 times likely to pick up someone else's cold of flu germs. Today was pretty good. C was with me and we had 4 houses that were pretty easy. The first two had no one home, although the second of the two was weird because we had to chase off a herd of deer that was eating the decorative shrubbery in front of the house. Never seen that before. Also, it was weird in the second house because I know for a fact the people went up to New York state until August, but there were dirty dishes, crumbs everywhere, and dirty foot prints in the shower! Me thinks the house sitting service is availing themselves of the clients house w/o permission! Eeeewwwwww!

Anyway, I was pretty much at half strength the entire day, which made cleaning stuff twice as hard today. Glad most of the houses were really clean. If we had had one of our regulars that are usually really dirty, I think I would have passed out. I was still just that tired today. Good for me the kids have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and I basically get to rest all day. The good old Endocrinologists is tomorrow... time to play, "What are we changing the insulin levels to this time?" Here's hoping that their A1c's are good. These kids ping pong their sugars all over the place.

And now, for the last hint of the week. I've had some good guesses so far, so keep them coming. I'll announce a winner on Friday. For the record.... you aren't supposed to guess what the hint is about, but the special occasion the hint has to do with pertaining to this week.

HINT #4-
Get enchanted by the beautiful Sirens of TI® as they lure a band of renegade pirates into their cove with powerful and captivating melodies. The clash between the mesmerizing temptresses and their rebel prey transforms this 17th century story into a 21st century revelry of song and dance, seduction and danger. Experience the excitement nightly in Siren’s Cove at the front entrance of Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.

And there you go. Last hint. I'll also put up a photo of the prize on Friday as well.

Good Luck!


Bluepaintred said...

germs suck.
i hate germs
every single germ on this stupid planet can!

Also. I feel yucky.

Bluepaintred said...

also, its not fair that I guess in your contest, seeing as I share something in common with what you are celebrating LOLZ

and one more time, just for the record : I feel like ass

Bluepaintred said...

goddamit. im in the wrong week.

Blondefabulous said...

BLUEPAINTRED: Awww... I'm sorry you feel crappy. If I was closer, I'd make you some chicken soup from scratch! Also, our birthday is not the occasion. We're going to Universal for my birthday and staying the weekend since they put on an awesome fireworks display for the 4th of July here. I plan to drink lots and have fun!