Monday, June 1, 2009

Awww Damn It!

Well..... we got good news, and bad news today when we beat ass over to Becca's orthopedic appointment. (I got out of work late.) The good news is she is healing really fast. The doc predicted that she would only be in a cast for two more weeks! I guess all that extra calcium I have been shoving down her gullet has been helping! The bad news is, she got another cast, not a brace. This means that at Universal this weekend, no roller coasters and NO WATER RIDES!! Nope. None, and it is going to be in the 90's on Saturday!

She did get to pick a new color cast, so that buoyed her spirit. She went with Hot pink. She also informed me that she doesn't want anyone to sign this one because, "I want it to stay pink and pretty!" OMG what a girly girl!
She kept the old cast, because all of her school friends signed it for her. It was better than a yearbook! I did promise her that if she got cast again, I would take her to Claire's in the mall and buy her some of those Arm covers. Have you seen these? They are like gloves, but they go over your lower arms. She swears they are the B-O-M-B, but I'm not as convinced. A promise is a promise though.

On a funny side note, the other two kids are none too pleased with Rebecca getting all this attention from her broken bones. Usually our world revolves around them and their Diabetes and Celiacs, but now someone ELSE is getting all the medical attention and they are not thrilled. Junior keeps trying to get attention and Morgan is trying all of her "cute" tricks. Tonight, Morgan broke out with, "No fair! She's only getting all the attention because she's broken!" I laughed and laughed!

And so ends another day in the Blondefabulous household. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to enjoy a movie and some Lisbon Lemon Talenti Sorbetto! Thank you Publix for carrying this necessary item. It is $2 cheaper than at Whole Foods!



phinz said...

Awesome new cast color!!!!! She may not be able to ride those rides, but she'll be the B.O.M.B. amongst the watchers!

Kim said...

yay for Publix !! And yay for Rebecca being such a good sport amongst the breakage ! Maybe yall will get to hit Universal again this summer as a "healing" gift ! Have fun anyway !!

metalmom said...

I understand not getting the cast wet, but why no rides?

I love the pink. And it's great that she's healing fast. There's nothing worse than a cast in the heat!