Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's The Name Of The Game? I WIN!!!

Men are such simple creatures. They are led around by their penises. It's just a fact of life. Example...

For the last two days, we have been trying to sell a dryer. It is a very nice dryer. Practically brand new! All the bells and whistles, you know the drill.... Anywhoo, HHH got this dryer from the job he's at now. It isn't one of theirs, it was left behind in a unit by a skip, and they wanted it G-O-N-E so they could turn the unit and get another tenant in there. So..... HHH put an ad on Craigslist and got a bite the very next day. This guy said he wanted the dryer, but couldn't get it until Sunday. Alright, we'd meet him Sunday at his storage unit and exchange merchandise for $$$. Sunday rolls around and the guy is MIA. HHH gets him on the phone first thing around noon, but the guy is still out of town and won't be back until later. We wait. And wait. AND WAIT! Finally, HHH gets upset and re posts the dryer again, but I am wondering what happened to the guy in the first place. I don't do well with rude people. If you're gonna be late, call. If you found something else you wanted, call so we can re post. Don't be an asshole and leave us hanging.

I got the bright idea to call the guy's number from my cell. He hasn't seen my number, therefore, if he's dodging us, he may pick up for me. No dice. I got the voicemail. HHH tells me to hang up, but I got an idea. An AWFUL idea, Blondefabulous got a wonderful, AWFUL idea! I wait for the beep and in my lowest, sexiest voice, I say...

"Oooo Dryer Guy! It's soooo great to hear your voice. This is Blondefabulous. Listen, I REALLLLLLY need to talk to you. Could you Pleeeeeease call me back when you get this? I sure do appreciate it! Byeeeeeeee!"

I got a call back in 5 minutes!

He started with some spiel about was I his sister or which Blondefabulous was I and all that. Yeah right! I said in my regular voice...

"No. This is Blondefabulous with the dryer and I was wondering why it is still in the back of my van when it was supposed to be at your place tonight?"

I wasn't mean or anything. Just firm in whether or not he was really going to buy it. He said he was and gave me some dog and pony show about he got back too late and the storage place was closed now and whatever. He said he was to be off work all day tomorrow, and I said I could meet him after Rebecca's Ortho appointment. HHH was in the background laughing the whole time, and shaking his head that that worked!

So, like I said. Men. Ruled by the all-mighty(or all-mini) penis!

What's the name of the game??



Hoosier Girl said...

Tricky girl. Men are so easy sometimes.


Putz said...

i am sorry, but it is not my fault...god made me and all other.s that way...i should feel bad, but i don't, i shift all the blame and when they call me a prevert, i say like tommy smothers...god knows i.m sorry

phinz said...

Gold star for you!!! Big fat raspberry for Dryer Man.