Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Have You Been Up To?

I get that question all the time. Most recently, I was asked that question by an old high school friend who just found me on Facebook. "So...", she asks, "What have you been up to since we last talked?" I think to myself, "EVERYTHING!" but in reality I say, "Not too much." Now what I really want to say is....

"Um... I have a blog that I know you know about. Why didn't you read it?"

The facts just hit me over and over again. I'm NOT that big a deal on the Internet. Yeah I have a blog, and yeah, I keep up with other bloggers who are kind enough to come over and comment from time to time,(and save my ass last February), but really, in the grand scheme of things, I am merely a blip in the Internet's existence. If tomorrow there was no Blondefabulocity, I don't think that many would miss it. There are far more popular blogs out there like Adam's, Britt's, and Dave's. There's also other things like Twitter, Facebook, etc etc.... keeping people busy as well. I don't have Oprah stumping for my blog, or Ashton trying to get me 1,000,000 tweeps. I'm just a working mom trudging through the world taking care of my family. It's what matters to me. Does it matter to anyone else? Maybe, maybe not..... but I am a font of information to those with questions about the real world business of Celiac's or diabetes. I've been called upon to answer cooking questions, cleaning questions, and even pet questions! I have something besides stories from the Mom side of life to offer the Internet people's.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that "I" feel like I am a big deal. I was a little offended when my friend asked me, "What have you been up to?", because I have a daily, running log of almost EVERYTHING I have been up to since I last talked to her! How could she not remember that? Sigh......

Then I remembered that she still lives in Podunkville, Florida and thought, maybe they just didn't get Internet there until last week.

I can hope, right? Time to start handing out those business cards I won!!


metalmom said...

I just met up with grade school friends and I went through the same exact thing. As a SAHM I felt almost inadequate, but as a blogger? I feel like I have accomplished something for MYSELF.

Besides that? I now have friends who know more about me than they ever will.

Finn said...

You either get blogging or you don't. She obviously doesn't.

It's not you, it's her!

Christina LMT said...

I feel the same way, often. My brother has no clue what's going on with me, then I'm surprised about it because he KNOWS about my blog and has read it in the past.