Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Shuffle.

**Well, there was more rain today. Supposed to be rain all week. Oh, and the weather guy said we may possibly get a Tropical Storm sometime this week. It's not even Hurricane season yet. All this rain makes hauling cleaning stuff to and from the company car a pain in the you know what.

**HHH was snooping in my 12 year old's email and found a link to a site called eSpin. It's a social hook up site. I was NOT amused! We questioned her about it and why she had it when I had specifically forbade any social sites for her. She has had it for 3 months AND she had herself on there as being 19!!!! AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh I do not think so young lady! I deleted that account right away and then changed the password to her email account so I could keep an eye on her. We'll be doing the snoop thing a little more often now.

**I worked until 5pm on Tuesday. That was the longest day so far I have done with GWHC(the company). We only did 3 houses, but one took 3 hours, and another took 2 1/2. The last place would have only taken 2 hours, but the locks were changed and the client forgot to tell us. We were standing outside for a good half hour just twiddling thumbs.

**Some people don't deserve pets. I say this because one of the houses we went to had a Labrador that was skinny. REALLY skinny. I could see his hips and spine through his coat. He wasn't sick either because we gave him a bowl of food and he tore into it like he hadn't been fed in days. I am contemplating calling the ASPCA on them as long as I can stay anonymous. (Don't need to get fired.) I knew my pet was unhappy and even though it killed me, found him a better home...... these people need to do the same, or I'll do it for them.

**After getting back to the office today my boss at GWHC asked me about becoming a Team Leader. Being a team leader involves being in charge of the people you work with, checking behind your co workers, and doing the writing down of times in and out in the book along with taking the checks. I could do it. It means an extra $1 an hour. Boss Lady is concerned with the time I take off though. I explained that I wasn't expecting to have to take off for Rebecca's brokenness, but the doctor's appointments for Morgan and Junior were unavoidable since DCF would be at my door if I missed those. She asked me about the summer and I said I had that covered, so I guess we'll see. Hmm..... 2 months on the job and I am already being offered a possible promotion...... I WILL RULE THAT PLACE!

**Bullets are the easiest post to do when you are tired from having worked 9 hours in the drizzling rain. But then, you already knew that before getting to the end of this post, didn't you?


Hoosier Girl said...

Congratulations on the promotion!!!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! They will be soooo OWNED. LOL!