Friday, May 8, 2009

Dancing Queen

Tonight was my daughter Rebecca's VPA dance recital at school. I was so proud!
She was so pretty in the first piece. It was the one she had been practicing during lunch, after school, and on weekends at home. It was a VERY big coup for her to even be in this piece because she is only a sixth grader, and that is the beginning class for ballet. Most of the sixth graders have never done ballet or any kind of dance for that matter. This has been Rebecca's first year doing this and she must have been doing really good because the dance instructor picked her for this. It was beautiful. (She's the first one on the right)
Then, the other dance she was in was the "Hairspray" number at the end. It was so cute! All of the dance students, all 85 of them, participated in this dance. It was really Good. The video below is of her doing the dance. Sorry it's sideways, but the damn video editor wouldn't flip it for me! All in all, it was really good. Most of the kids were in step with each other this time, as compared to the Christmas Recital, and even if the audience was rude, the kids had fun.

FYI, if you ever go to a middle school dance recital, don't expect people to actually sit down, or shut up, or be polite to the performers or anything like that. People had their cell phones on and ringing, they were eating and drinking and burping during the performance, and everyone was talking and being totally rude! I had to pay $3 each for Morgan and myself to get in for this (it goes to buy costumes.), and having to listen to some of these inbred, unwashed hicks smack their gum and pick their teeth while ignorantly gossiping about their neighbors during these kids performance made the whole experience less than palatable. Sigh.....

Oh, and I also got my bosses to donate a $90 cleaning to the raffle! I thought that was cool of them. I made sure to make a basket with plenty of their flyers and one of the homemade natural soaps we give out in it. I wanted the woman who was announcing the winners to say our business name when she announced the winning ticket number, but she didn't. I was trying to plug our business so I could get a few more clients. Maybe next time!

So, that's the run down of the recital. Now I just have to get a program for the summer for them. Next is Morgan's dress rehearsal tomorrow, and her performance on May 16th! All these dancing girls have my head spinning!!!

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