Saturday, May 30, 2009

That's How I Roll.

I don't have a very big blog roll. It's occupants can be counted on two hands only, with fingers to spare. The reason for this is simple, yet complex at the same time.

When I began blogging, it wasn't out of any kind of great epiphany or need to use it as a therapy tool, it was because I had started reading blogs. I was on the UF Alumni website and saw a button that said "BLOGS" and clicked it. There, I found Finn. I started reading every day. From Finn I reached out and started reading other blogs. Funny blogs, Sad blogs, Day to day blogs. Out of that, I began writing myself, and I was suddenly hooked! My blog roll reflects the people I read first in that infant stage of blogging I was in at the time.

Over the years, I had begun to read more people. I started using tools to help in this. MyBlogLog, Google Reader, you guys know the drill. Twitter made finding blogs to satisfy my thirst even easier. Still, I haven't updated the short, sweet roll in the side bar. It sits there, abbreviated, like an old photograph from my youth. I see it and I remember where it started. It is the memento I can't throw away. Funny how something so innocuous can mean so much.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make is, if you have ever included me in your blog roll, I am truly grateful. It means more than you can ever know. I am still amazed when I look at Woopra and see my stats. Not really great stats, but the fact that anyone comes to read my blog is amazing to me. You may not be on my blog roll, but if you are, it's because you were my firsts. (insert sappy "Aaawwww" here)

What makes you put someone's blog on your roll?


phinz said...

I put them on my roll because I really liked what they have to say. Like you.

It's kinda funny because you and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum lifestyle-wise. You're a mom and I'm not. I never wanted to be a mom. But I really enjoy the way you enjoy your kids and I love the way you are so supportive of them and have made them into such great people! I like this little window you so generously share. It brightens my days and takes me outside myself, a good thing! Thanks.

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: But it's weird that I think of my blog roll as a snapshot, right? I'm glad you like my blog and thank you for putting me on your roll.

To make up for the fact that I don't have a bigger blog roll, I work blogs I read into the posts I write.

Avitable said...

I got rid of my blogroll a year ago.

Blondefabulous said...

AVITABLE: I can see where it would get to be a hassle after a while.

Putz said...

i have been with you a long time accused me of alheimer, dementia, and adled brain and you were right all three times, but i have stopped posting{i still comment though}because i run out of things, my wife says i embarass her and i have offended loren christie by making fun of her there you have it