Saturday, May 16, 2009

Prima Ballerina!

So today was Morgan's recital. She was so awesome! I was a VERY proud mama.
She looked so professional in her warm ups while waiting with the other ballet students.
She was excited as well. We did stage make up, and hair. I braided her hair and twisted it up into a bun for her show piece.
She did so great. She was telling older girls in her dance what to do it looked like. She was in step with the music, in time with the beat, and on time with her partners. I was an even prouder mama when I found out she was chosen for a second piece right after her first! So both of my girls got chosen for extra ballet dances! Hooray! My girls have rhythm!

Now, for your enjoyment, Morgan's ballet, titled: Swing Your Partner.


Putz said...

what a sweetheart....she really does haave grace, style and confidence...i am proud of her too

Anonymous said...

She is SUCH a pretty girl!!! You go Morgan!!!! Great job!

phinz said...

Awesome!!!! Time to audition for The Bolshoi!