Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Odds & Ends Post.

So, I was cleaning the other day, and the owner walks over and say to me,

"Are you scrubbing that toilet?"

I told him,

"No. I'm just scratching it 'cause it was itchy."

Here's your sign.

Sometimes, I get the weirdest questions and statements from customers and prospective customers alike. Like people who see us at a home or maybe at the gas station, and ask us, "Do you clean houses?" Um... no. We don't clean houses. We just move the dirt around so you can't see it. Call it stealth, dirt feng shui. Oh and the people who ask us, "Did the dirt come up off the floor?", while we are mopping. That one's a hoot! Um... the floor is a different color than it was before. That should have been the tip off right there.

Did I mention that Underpants Lady came out nekkid last week? I didn't? I must have blocked it out of my mind from the shock. I haven't been too keen on going there anymore, but the lady LIKES me. She has been requesting me on what ever team I am on when it is time to clean her condo. She's really sweet, but I don't know how much more scantily clad old lady I can take!

I did some figuring today, and I have been working for the Green company for about two months. I have lost 20 pounds in that amount of time. That works out to 10 pounds a month. If I keep this up, I may actually be in decent shape for my birthday in July! That would be super! I'd really like to get into a nice little sun dress for going to Universal this year. Maybe get my hair cut and colored again, get a nice mani/pedi...... You know! Try to live up to the pin up on my new cards! That would be so totally cool.

Well, off to relax tonight before going to the Ortho Doctor tomorrow. Please send good juju to my daughter.

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Anonymous said...

I need to send you rose-colored glasses....or..well...blinders!