Monday, May 18, 2009


At least today did. Let me enlighten you as to my Monday.

The cat woke me up at 5:45am. Just waltzed over to the side of the bed and "MRROOOOOWWWWRRRRR" as loud as he could. I was not amused. I was, however, awake. It was a good thing though, because I forgot to set the alarm the night before. So now I am awake early. Yeah it's only 15 minutes, but dang it..... I would have liked those minutes to be spent sleeping!

I get up and get going. I get the kids up and going as well. We all get dressed and HHH opens the door to herd everyone out to the car.


The back tire is flat. Somewhere we picked up a screw and the tire flattened out over the night. Just great. I give HHH all the cash I have plus my bike and he hauls ass to the corner gas station for a can of Fix-A-Flat. I LOVE fix-a-flat! It is a great product. He fills the tire, we all get in, and we drive around to distribute the stuff inside of the tire. HHH then goes around to try and put a little more air in the tires, but every damn gas station we stopped at had air machines that totally sucked! One didn't even have a working compressor, but it also didn't have an out of order sign either. There was $.75 down the drain.

We get everyone to where they need to go and Rebecca and I get back to the house. I change into my "Super Mom Goes To Town" clothes and we are off to Dr. Fatmi's office. We get there and I start filling out the beginning paperwork for Rebecca. An HOUR later, the woman behind the counter calls me up and says Rebecca hasn't been assigned Dr. Fatmi as her physician. Um..... excuse me? Both her brother and sister go here. Why would they get assigned Dr. Fatmi and their older sibling get someone else? Especially if I had not been told this?? I was pissed, but I took the phone numbers she gave me and drove back home. That was an hour and a half wasted. I then got on the phone and tried to get someone, ANYONE to talk to me. No dice. I got a recording saying if I wanted Rebecca's doctor changed to Dr. Fatmi, leave my name, number, and her ID# and they will change it and get back to me. Great.

Well, since I couldn't get Rebecca in to see the Doctor, I decided to try and drop in on the Optomotrist. My glasses are less than stellar right now. I started wearing them all day because the stuff we use at work was irritating my eyes. The lenses are still good, but my frames are way old. The wear and tear shows! I called last week and requested where I should go from the customer service line, and was given the local Visionworks right down the road from the house. Becca and I get there, sign in, and wait until we can be seen, and the woman behind the counter starts checking the insurance in. She comes back about an hour later and says, "I'm sorry. The doctor doesn't accept your insurance." I ask why this place was on their roster then, and she says that Visionworks takes the insurance, but the optometrist does not. Great. That was what I needed. The damn doctor. So that was an hour and a half wasted too.

Basically, I took off a day from work for nothing. That really sucks ass. Add to all of this the fact that it was monsooning on and off all day and we have the formula for why I hate Monday! At least this Monday. It just sucked. It depressed me so that I decided the only thing to make me feel better was to make chicken soup from the bone. Nothing like home made chicken and rice soup to warm up the soul on a particularly soul sucking day like Monday. It also came in handy for HHH because he was out in the weather all day today. (My chicken soup is a natural cold remedy.) Still, I blame HHH for the rotten day. See, he asked the unaskable question today right after the second nonworking air compressor. He asked, "Oh man! What else can go wrong today?" OMG you NEVER ask that question because something else will go wrong! Has he never seen any of the "Lethal Weapon" movies??? Still, it will be Tuesday soon.

Mondai sukz! I can haz tuzdai nao?


phinz said...

Sorry, big fat bummer of a day. Hope your Tuesday was awesome!

Anonymous said...

My cat doesn't have a snooze button either. Dammit.