Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mamaaaaaaa... Just Killed A Maaaaaan.....

.... because really. Who could you possibly say that last sentence to and know you are still loved. Yo momma, that's who! Who is there for you when you're down? When you need words of encouragement? When you need advice on life in general? Well maybe 75% of the momma's are. The other 25% are the shittiest people on the planet, like Casey Anthony, for example. Still, I have to say if my mom and I were speaking right now, I'd bake her a gluten free cake and wish her well. Unfortunately, that's just not an option right now, so I'll revel in the swag my husband and kids got for me, pictured above.

1. 1.75L bottle of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka. A thoughtful, gluten free gift for when Mom has had a hard day at work and needs to relax. Add OJ and kick back mom!

2. A Welcome to Las Vegas pin. A wonderful reminder of where HHH and I tied the knot, thus making us all a complete family!

3. Margarita Scrub & Shea Butter Lotion from Bath & Body Works. Nothing like a little pampering for good old mom! After a day of cleaning up other people's various hairs and bodily fluids, being able to scrub it off, exfoliate, and lotion up my skin is a must! Plus, my kids are still at the point where they will rub my feet if I ask them too, and I plan on cashing that in as much as possible before they wise up.

4. The Complete First & Second Seasons of Psych. One of my favorite TV shows. James Roday and Dule' Hill are hilarious! I am watching season 1 right now as I am typing this. We are on the "Spellingg Bee" Too funny....

5. And last but not least, the plaque on the back of the wall. The UF 2008 Championship Season plaque. It is teh AWESOME!!!!!!!!! My family is so cool.

So that is my Mother's Day swag! I also got some of the most awesome home made coupons, and pictures, and cards from my little ones. I expect tomorrow will be filled with breakfasts, foot rubs, and children fetching me things like more OJ for my vodka. Then it will be Monday again and it will be back to "MOOOOOOOOM! Where are my shoes?" & "MOOOOOOOM!!! I need the answer to a homework problem!" .

Sigh....... Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to you all!

UPDATE: Rebecca has given me the gift of two broken wrists! She still wasn't better after a couple of days, so after HHH made me brunch, we went to the ER and had X-Rays taken. The guy came back with the news that not only was the wrist that was swollen broken, but the one we weren't worried about was ALSO broken! Wheeeee. We have to make an Ortho appointment for next week. This also could mean the trip to Universal on June 5th & 6th could really suck for her because she won't be able to ride anything good. No water rides, no roller coasters, and no running around. Happy Mother's Day.


delmer said...

The other day I found a book of coupons one of my boys gave me several years ago for Father's Day.

I imagine they've all expired by now.

CSquaredPlus3 said...

What fun swag! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

phinz said...

Awesome haul!
Happy Mother's Day!

kapgar said...

Psych... NICE!