Saturday, May 23, 2009


That describes me to a T today. I got up at 8. Had morning delight with HHH at 8:05. Went to IHOP for brunch. Took the car to a car wash to clean it out. came home and relaxed a little before going to the mall to shop for a sundress.

I finally found one too. Is it so hard to ask for pretty spring colors in spring? I kept seeing blacks, browns, and dark drab colors. I don't want to look drab.... I wanna look springy and flirty and awesome!! Finally after looking the whole day, we found one at Old Navy. It's yellow and white, shows a fair amount of cleavage, and looks cool. It will be so awesome. Now I just need to find shoes to go with it and I'm set!

I did get three loads of laundry done, so it wasn't a total loss for today!

Tomorrow, I'll be doing more of the same!

Lazy, that's me!


Nicki said...

I've always noticed that too, the amount of dark, drab colors for adult clothes. As if grownup women must always be serious and business like! I love bright colors!

phinz said...

Yay for a bright sundress!

I spent the day ripping siding off a house and scraping off old paint.
It was a good upper body workout.