Friday, May 29, 2009

I Cannot Blogz Today, I haz Teh Tiredz.

I fell asleep watching Psych.

My husband, not knowing I was asleep, reached over to fondle my rather large boob.

I woke up screaming because there was a hand fondling me in my sleep.

I almost peed myself.

HHH laughed his ass off at me.

I am now going to catch up on my Zzzzzz's.

HHH is still laughing.

There will be no "special" lovin' tonight in retaliation for the laughter.


Bluepaintred said...

I was out in the garage with micah when i read this on the iTouch. I had read it to him. when i left, he was still laughing!

(I don't blame you about the No special loving!)

my captcha word is "hicat"

Trukindog said...

Hey you admitted he didn't know you were asleep & ya gotta admit had the table been turned (you grabbin him) ya woulda laughed your ass off.
So I say no fair punishin the guy & holdin out the special lovin!

I hope this helps to get ya an extra special lovin session HHH. Good luck bud.

Blondefabulous said...

BPR: HHH was still chuckling about it this morning. I was not.

The captcha word would have been funnier if it had been lolcat!

TRUKINDOG: It was not funny, nor do I fondle out of nowhere.