Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Four Eyes!

I have been wearing my glasses as of late. My contact lens saw fit to split in two right in my eye, (go figure), and with work and bills, I haven't been able to get to the eye doc. The one day I did try, they doctor didn't take my insurance, even though I was given that specific doctor's name by the insurance carrier. Someone PLEASE update the damn rolls! It can't be that hard.

So, I have been wearing the glasses I got back in 2001. They are quite beat up and bent, but they still have the right prescription. I always got contacts because they just worked better in the jobs that I did. Cooking, cleaning, kids......... they are non glasses kinds of things. Yeah, I could do it with glasses, (and I am for right now.), but I find it easier with out them. Anyhoo.... I am going to get a contact exam this weekend...... at a walk in place..... that I will pay for out of my own pocket.... because I am tired of going to places that don't accept my insurance...... even though the insurance company SAYS it does. I am also thinking about getting my glasses replaced. The lenses are a little scratched, but still workable, yet they'll probably want to replace the whole shebang because of the length of time I've had them. That's great, but that would mean I'd need to find a new pair of frames. That might be a problem.

I'm picky.

You may not see me in them often, but when you do, I want the frames of my glasses to say, "Watch out world! Blonde & Fabulous is coming your way!!" Something tells me that is a rather tall order for a simple pair of frames. Or maybe a nice pair of "naughty librarian" frames.... that would make HHH happy! Something tells me I'll be sitting in front of the frame display with my jaw on the floor at the prices though. (I have to buy the frames, the lenses are covered.) The other day I saw a simple pair, not much on them frill wise, that cost $180. $180?? $180!!!!!! What the hell were they made of? Sunshine and fairy shit? Solid gold? There is no Earthly reason a bunch of wires and screws should cost that much, especially when it's something someone needs for a good quality of life! Maybe I should just buy a few more boxes of contact lenses and keep the old glasses.

That would be much cheaper.



Nicole said...

Check Wal-Mart for frames. they usually have some for about 80 bucks - they're made of old fairy shit and bronze ;p

I LOVE my glasses, I couldn't imagine life without them - they're now the perfect fashion accessory. I have 2 pairs. One is burgundy-ish and the other are black with little rhinestones at teh corners - those are my dressy pair. the burgundy ones are for everyday.
I do miss wearing contacts, but ever since I had my daughter, my eyes are just too dry to wear em - no matter what kind I try. I'm saving for lasik, but then I'll still need glasses for the fashion accessory part.

Nicole said...

oh also, the cheapest place for an exam, may NOT be the cheapest place for your frames. Shop around whoever does you're exam will give you a copy of you RX if you ask. - Not like you don't already know all this, I just though I'd mention it :)

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: I am seriously afraid of LASIK. All those years growing up w/my mom telling me never to touch my eye made it hard enough to do contacts. Glasses are rough because my ears aren't level w/each other. Yeah they can adjust the for me, but it never holds and I have to go back all the darn time!

Bronze and old fairy shit, huh?

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

sunshine and fairy shit!

OMG SO effin funny!!!

laughed so hard!!!

ahhh so funny!

Finn said...

I use For Eyes; I don't know if there's one by you. They have a range of pricing and can help you find something you can afford.

Good Luck!

Christina LMT said...

I say use your old glasses and buy more contacts. I did get Lasik and it was the best thing EVAR. I have perfect vision now and hope the most I'll ever have to do is use reading glasses eventually. :)