Sunday, May 24, 2009

Douchebaggery..... Who Needs It!

Sigh...... There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about douchebaggery. It happens all the time all over the world. It has even happened to me at the hands of family... or supposed family. You all remember my BIL, right? The ass that we loaned money to, then when HHH lost his job and we needed it back, decided to screw us over? Yeah.... that jerk. Well, he is striking again.

In about two weeks, we are going to have a family reunion. See, When we moved up to Memphis, HHH's other brother (Here on to be known as Bro.#2)went with us. This was back in 2003. While we were up there, Bro.#2 met a girl, got married, and stayed up in Tennessee while we moved back to Florida. Subsequently, HHH's Dad, (here on known as Pops), hasn't seen his other son in about 6 years! That's quite a while! To make this happen, we bought Bro.#2 a plane ticket for the weekend. For even more fun, we are all going to Universal too. HHH and I are buying Bro.#2 and Pops tickets to both parks and fast passes. We are getting a hotel room for Friday and Saturday, then driving up to Lake City to spend Sunday with Pops before having to drive Bro.#2 back to the airport so he can fly back to Memphis. A whirlwind weekend to be sure.

Now, all we have asked of F*ckwad BIL was for him to go up to Lake City and pick up Pops because Pop's car is in need of new tires and can't make the trip. F*ckwad BIL said he couldn't afford the gas, so HHH told him he'd give him $40 for gas. Yesterday, HHH was talking to Pops on the phone and found out that F*ckwad BIL had called Pops and asked him for $50 for gas for that weekend too! Um..... excuse me? We already have it arranged to give you money. Why in the hell are you hitting up your Dad for more? I just have to sigh and take a deep breath. It's already going to be difficult for me to get through that weekend without telling him about his ass. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is that Karma came around and bit him in the ass by way of after he spent up all his tax money, he fell on hard times himself. What goes around, comes around..... don't try and fool yourself!

Now, at T-minus 2 weeks to go, I am just wondering what other kind of douchebaggery is going to come out of F*ckwad BIL's camp. I just have to keep taking deep, cleansing breaths and thinking good thoughts.

It will all be worth it.


Kim said...

Just concentrate on the fun stuff and definitely hope that his Karma is a bitch, then has puppies !!

Blondefabulous said...

KIM: Oh I will..... I will.

phinz said...

Ditto what Kim said. People like him never get any where in life and never know why. LOSERS.

Blondefabulous said...

PHINZ: Yeah...... I know. It may send up my blood pressure though.

Christina LMT said...

wow. What happened to my comment?
It's GAWN!

Anyway, I believed I said something about being sorry that you have to deal with such douchebaggery, and that I hope you have fun, regardless!