Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Darker Side Of Cleaning.

By now everyone knows I am working for a green cleaning service. Yes, I am a cleaning woman, but it doesn't bother me one bit. It's good honest work for good honest pay and no one can ask any more than that from life. It is difficult at times, (no a/c, bugs, sore muscles, etc...), but it is also good too,( Lost 20 lbs, tips from time to time, and freebies from the boss.). Sometimes though, it is really HARD. Not physically, but emotionally.

See, being a green service company, we get a lot of clients who are sick. They are REALLY sick. I'm talking cancer, lupus, M/S, .... you name it. They are now mistrustful of chemicals in a shape of form so they call my boss and have us come and do their housekeeping. Usually they aren't home, so I don't come face to face with their pain, but I see it in my job. I clean the bathroom and sweep up the hair they have lost from the new round of chemo. I dust the bedrooms where the bedside tables are covered with medications. LOTS of medications. I clean up the kitchens that are filled with natural foods because they can't eat anything over processed. I see the photos of what they looked like before life smacked them around. I think about the day when they may not be on the call sheet. It makes me sad.

Last Thursday I saw a photo of a little girl in one of our houses who was a ringer for Maddie.

I have been carefully avoiding reading about Maddie. Just reading the Tweets on Twitter was tearing me up. When Morgan was just diagnosed at 16 months with her diabetes, I almost lost her in the middle of the night to a catastrophic low. If not for HHH, I would have had to live what Maddie's Mom & Dad are going through right now. The pain, the sadness....... It would do me in, I believe. I can't even watch TV shows where kids are hurt or killed. My heart can't take it. In that one singular moment when the life left my baby girls eyes while she lay in my arms, something inside me changed forever. I watched her die.... and then miraculously come back to life. I have had a second chance. Most people don't get that. It echoes in my head

So now, as the March of Dimes walks are behind us, I'd like to put my two cents in. I usually don't do this. I have what one would call a charity of choice. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) I only have so much in our family budget for charity and since that one hits home for us.... we donate and recommend that one, but something about the photo of that little girl and who she reminded me of clicked on a little light. It clicked on and I suddenly felt the need to write about this. Felt the need to say, "Hey, I know the walks and stuff are done, but maybe the M of D needs donations year round, ya know?" Diabetes and premature births are really close in their research for finding causes and cures. The experts are saying in the next 20 years they will be nailing down definitive treatments for both that will almost eliminate them entirely. So won't you please go here and here, and make a small gift? If not for the disease, then for the kids it affects? No mother should ever have to watch the jubilant life drain from their child's eyes. I got my baby back, thousands do not.


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CSquaredPlus3 said...

We've had horrific lows with seizures, but not a true flat-line. Wow! I didn't know insulin reactions could be fatal.

We've always given to JDRF (obviously) and this year our family is doing the walk. We also give to the camps because so many kids can't go without financial assistance.

There are so many worthwhile causes out there... good of you to plug a couple.