Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cah-sting Today?

So, today was orthopedic day for Rebecca. We got to the appointment early because I know better than to trust doctor's offices and that things will go OK. Sure enough, as soon as we got to the office and checked in, the woman behind the counter who resembled Broomhilda started being uber bitchy. She shoved a fax number in my face and told me to get a referral faxed over from the pediatritian. I had already had it faxed over yesterday, but she snapped "We don't have it." and told me to go use the phone. Um.... excuse me? Can we be a little more polite when telling me to go f*%k myself? No? Well, f%$k you very much then. I make the call to Dr. Fatmi, the woman there tells me she faxed it yesterday, I tell her they lost it already, she sighs and says she'll fax it back over.
They called us back and we went right to an x-ray room. The elderly people already waiting took one look at Rebecca and asked, "Skateboard?" and I answered, "No... rollerskates." They chuckled amongst themselves and the nurse came and took Rebecca back for more x-rays. This was SO COOL! the lady took the shots and instantly sent them to the computer in the exam room we went in. I was impressed! After maybe 2 minutes, the Orthopedic Doc came in...... and he looked like a ringer for Anderson Cooper! Even talked like him too. He gave Rebecca good news and bad news. The good news was she would get a wrist splint on her right arm to keep it stable. It is removable and she can take it off to shower. The bad news was her left wrist was sheared off diagonally to the growth plate and needed a hard cast. That means no dance class, no PE, no bouncing it around AT ALL! I made sure to tell her dance teacher when I saw him at Morgan's ballet practice.
Here she is............ Miss Broken Wrists..... here she is......... the Queen of Clutz!
Here she is, promising N-E-V-E-R to break anything again! Namely because this little injury precludes her from the cool rides at Universal and IOA for the family reunion on June 5th, and by extension.... me as well. Someone has to wait with her!
And here we are.... all done and shopping at Publix. She chose the orange cast color. We tried to get a blue stripe, but they wouldn't do it. (Philistines)

And now, for your enjoyment..... our casting call.

Callback is in 2 weeks.


Nicole said...

do you have some Dk. Blue Duct tap laying around to wind around that orange sucker?? That'd give you your blue stripe!! :) Orange suits her :)

P.s. ARE YOU KIDDING word verification is the following (and im NOT kidding you): hymen

Chris said...

What a drag! Thank goodness she's able to have a wrist splint on one arm. She's a pretty girl... and I like the orange cast! Hope things heal QUICKLY!

DutchBitch said...

No dance class, no PE, no bouncing it around AT ALL!?

OMG the girl (and her Mom) is going to combust with a few days!!!

phinz said...

I loved the video! I've never seen anybody get casted before, it was actually fascinating.

May I suggest 1-inch blue painters' tape for the stripes? They might not stick as well as duct tape but they could be replaced every day (or only worn for formal occasions).

Blondefabulous said...

NICOLE: Well, she went to school and her friends all signed it, so the stripe is out for now. She might get it cut off and recast in 2 weeks.... we'll see.

CHRIS: We have increased her calcium intake by 1000 mgs, so that should help.

DUTCHBITCH: You wanna know what she went and did right after we got out of the doctor's office? I took her to get her younger sister from Ballet class & talk to Rebecca's teacher who also teaches there as well. Rebecca takes off and tries to grand Jete' across the studio while he and I are yelling "NO NO NO!!!" Darn kid!

PHINZ: I thought it was cool. Rebecca likes being filmed, and this was something different!

Christina LMT said...

Hope she heals quickly, poor thing!

kvegas911 said...

Well, if she HAD to do it, at least she totally rocked the whole thing!