Friday, April 3, 2009

Whoo & Hoo!

It's Friday yo! Time to kick back and relax. BBQ with the Family and watch movies and wrestling on TV. (Yes I did say wrestling.) Oh,.... and we're also going to have a yard sale.

HHH was told the other day to empty out the abandoned tenant storage unit at his work. The managers said, dump it, donate it, do what ever he wanted with it, so HHH brought it home and we are going to sell it for a little extra cash. The things these people leave behind! HHH works at a new complex in one of the Snazzier sections of town called Palmer Ranch. I guess money isn't a big concern out there, because they left clothing from places like Ann Taylor, Baby Phat, Marc Ecko and Apple Bottom. There were small home appliances, assorted dishes, bedding, and decorating accents. I was amazed that someone would leave behind things that were still in excellent condition. There is a whole baby decorating ensemble that looks brand new! So anyway we're going to have a sale and anything that doesn't go is going to Goodwill.

Nothing like a little $$$ in your pocket courtesy of people who can afford it. Plus, it will help with the bills that all seemed to come in right around the 31st. It just always seems to go that way, huh?


kvegas911 said...

NICE!!!! Hope you have a great day for it! Just managed to sell some stuff out of my storage unt today....right in time for the 31st-I feel ya!

metalmom said...

There is one particular Goodwill near me that the high school girls actually WANT to shop in! There are always name brands that are barely worn or even with tags! Babygirl and her friends always look there before going to the mall.

I'm glad that you are able to make a few dollars that way. People with money make me scratch my head with some of the things they do.