Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who Can It Be Now?

I know I haven’t been on here in a while. What with waiting for my internet to be fixed, and working, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to jog up to the local wi-fi hotspot and dash off a blog post! So far, things have been ok. I have my phone to check my email and read blogs & Twitter. On Friday I found out that I received my raise in pay 2 full weeks before I should have. Yep! My boss thinks so highly of my performance I got an extra dollar per hour in my check! Yay! Go Me!

Then, on Saturday as we were headed back to the house from the market, I saw a small sign outside of the warehouse down the street from out house that said they were having a sale. Now, we are full to bursting in the little house we have right now, but it couldn’t hurt to look, right. Oh. My. Gawd! The things we saw in there! Art, antiques, furniture, crystal and glassware, and it was all cheap cheap cheap CHEAP! I got a leather executive desk chair on casters….. The big kind that rolls around, for $15! Yes really! I was stoked. I also picked up a solid oak, 2 drawer dresser for $15 as well. It’s beautiful! When we were paying for our purchases, HHH asked the guy if they would be having another sale in the future and the gentleman said they were going to have sales once a month with differing merchandise every time.
I am wondering what I will find next month.

On Sunday, we went to the beach. Having learned our lesson from the first time we tried to go, we got an early start and got to the parking lot by 8:45am to get a good parking spot. We also got closer to the water so there wasn’t as much of a chance of people setting up in front of us. At first it was cool and the wind was chilly, but then the sun broke out and it was beautiful. The kids even got into the water a little. (It wasn’t as cold as last time!) By about lunchtime, the beach had gotten way over crowded, so we packed up and left. As we left out of the parking lot, we saw that the beach patrol had already closed off the parking lot and wasn’t letting anyone in to try and find a space. On a good note…. I found a quarter on the beach, without the aid of a fancy metal detector like the hairy old men who were sweeping the beach!

All in all, I am surviving this outage of internet. I suppose I could survive with out it if I really had to….. I just don’t want to!!! I’ll try to post more this week and everyone keep their fingers crossed everything is up and running by Wednesday as promised!



Christina LMT said...

Awww. I hope they fix the problem soonest, Blondie. I know how it is to jones for the internet when it's unavailable. The beach sounds heavenly, wish I were there!

phinz said...

Yay you for the raise and the new stuff (awesome deals!) and writing a really good post!!!! It was a pleasure to read!