Saturday, April 11, 2009

What To Do On A Free Saturday.

Well, first you solve the problem of moving into a house with no closets.

You put up shelves you can hang things on. (You also convince Hubby to let you buy him a 12v drill so he can do this faster than with a wimpy screw driver.)

After the shelves are up and the clothes are hung, you put in the new 27" flat screen TV a resident at your husbands complex gave him. They said they didn't need it anymore because they had just purchased a 42" flat screen. You also freecycle the 32" regular TV you have because it's just good policy to pass on the good vibes. The 32" went out in just under an hour.

You give your Hubby large, wet kisses and other such things for coming home with a giant chocolate bunny for your Easter gift! The damn thing is bigger than Oscar! What did I Twitter about the other day about having lost weight and looking great? Huh.... that may be put on hold. Then again, Aunt Flo is going to come visit in the next few days, so maybe a copious amount of chocolate around the house isn't a bad thing!!!

You also water the lovely Tulips you bought because you couldn't stand the thought of them dying alone and unwanted in a giant, ugly Wall to Wall Mart. They are going to be pink and white. Oh, and useful chef hint... save your egg water from when you boil your eggs for coloring. The calcium that leeches in the water from the egg shells is an excellent source of nutrients for your house plants.

You also buy your pooch a new baby/toy because the little monster split the last one open at the seems and ate out all the stuffing. Oscar won't be shitting right for at least a week!

And that, dear readers...... is what you do with your free Saturday.


Christina LMT said...

Sounds fantastic to me...especially the wet kisses part! The only wet kisses I get are from my dog. *sigh*

Happy Easter!

DutchBitch said...

You saved tulips from WalMart! You are my hero! All Dutch people now love you!

phinz said...

Maybe if you let the dog drink that water instead, he might shit better? Just a thought . . .