Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unscheduled Outage.

Yep. Unscheduled. As in some idiotic fucker cut my fios line. This is why there are "call before you dig" signs all over the freakin neighborhood. Unfortunately for me..... none of them were in Spanish!!!

Dude trying to dig out a BBQ pit severed my line.

Dude did not have a permit to dig said pit.

Can not get anyone out here until next week.



I am going to die before i get this back up and running back at the house. Who the hell digs their own BBQ pit in the middle of the city? We have fire codes and ordinances for this shit. Sheesh! So I am once again relegated to going to some random hot spot to check my mail and what not.

I hope that was going to be some damn fine BBQ.


phinz said...

And they BETTER invite you!

Nicole said...

Please tell me Verizon is not gonna charge you for said absence of Fios usage since it's clearly NOT your fault?? And is el tonto va a invitar a todos a comer?