Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sugar and Spice.....

I realized it a while ago, back when I was in High school, and I became comfortable with it. I adjusted who I hung out with, what kind of things I participated in, and how I lived my life. I dressed the part, acted the part, and basically.... it was just me.

I was and am a Tomboy.

There. I said it. It feels good to get that off my chest! Whew!

OK. All kidding aside, I have never been what one would call a "girlie girl". Oh I wore dresses in HS, I have heels, purses, make up, and all the trappings of the female life, but I just haven't felt the need to wear all that stuff every day of my life. Up until I discovered designer purses, I never really carried one. I never carried one in HS. Ever. I have make up, but unless I am going out or have a Dr. appointment or field trip, I just don't wear it. I have a ton of high heeled shoes, but if I am not going out on the town, (and that isn't very often at all), I just don't wear them. I have a grand total of two skirts in my closet. One doesn't really count because it is a skort. I have no dresses. I have plenty of slacks and dress pants. I have sensible 1 inch heels in a neutral color. I probably have more University of Florida clothing than anything else!

Oh, and speaking of UF, let's discuss the fact that I am also a sporty girl. Yes a sports crazed, football fanatic. I can discuss strategy and plays. I watch the draft and the signing day shows. I L-O-V-E ESPN. (Except when they hate on UF.) I also follow NFL, NCAA Basketball, MLB on occasion when the Indians are doing well, and I was glued to the Olympics. Russ from Dad's Who Mock can tell you I can hold my own in a sports discussion.

Then there is my language. My speech. The things I say. Let's just say sometimes it isn't exactly feminine. I have been known to say "I'm taking a piss." or "I gotta go drain the girl lizard." when referring to going to the bathroom. Originally, it was to get the attention of a male driver so he would stop for a bathroom break thus releasing me from my bladder induced nightmare. Me saying "I gotta take a piss" really loudly snaps the male from his driving induced coma. Or when dinner is ready, I'll burst out with a hearty, "Chow Time!!!!!" June Clever I am not. I've never really been a girls girl..... I've mostly always been a guy's girl. Always.

I was friends with more guys than girls. Always. They liked the fact that they could talk to me and be themselves and I wouldn't be all, "EEEWWW!" or "Oh that's gross!". They liked being able to ask me about what to do with their girlfriends when the waters were choppy in their relationships. It wasn't long before I wasn't too popular with those girlfriends. A lot of my time was spent trying to prove that I wasn't a threat to those relationships. How they thought I was, I'll never know. They were all done up to look like barbie dolls, I was in torn jeans, t shirts and Reebok's.

Today things aren't very different. With the exception of liking to carry a purse now, I haven't changed very much. I'm still a guy's girl. HHH likes that about me....... I think? The other day I answered his question of where I was by hollering out..."I'm taking a piss.... be right out!" and got from HHH..."TINKLE..... You're taking a tinkle!" Tonight I was discussing it with him and I think he just realized that .......


How could he have missed it? It was always there. The love of football...... the way I dress...... the way I talk...... how did HHH not see it?

I laughed at him when I realized he didn't see me as a tomboy. We have been together for almost 9 years, married for 5 of them, and he never saw me the way I have always seen myself. I never thought I'd be seen as pretty, or fancy, or even frilly! It's sweet that HHH sees the girly and nice. I feel better about myself as a woman when my husband thinks I am feminine. Weird, right?

Maybe there's some sugar and spice in there after all!


Russ said...

You certainly do fine in the sports department! My only question is, when does ESPN ever hate on UF? UF is one of their pet schools.

Blondefabulous said...

RUSS: I can remember a time when we couldn't do anything right! ESPN was overjoyed to point that out.

Putz said...

i aways think of you as sugar and spice,