Saturday, April 25, 2009

Safety..... I Want It!

I was hungry. HHH was hungry. It was 11 o'clock at night. HHH turns to me, looks me in the eye and says, "Mmmmmm..... caramel apple empanadas." I agreed with him. Taco Bell was the destination. I grabbed the keys and Toby and headed out the door on a mission, (That late at night, Toby is my protector.), while HHH stayed at home w/the kids. (They were in bed already.)

I pulled out of the driveway and started in the direction of Taco Bell. As I pulled up to the light at Washington and Fruitville, I see lights in every direction. Rescue lights, Police lights, Helicopter lights. I make the turn on to Washington and I see a Police car at every street to the right of me for 10 blocks. I hear a police chopper circling overhead. I am starting to wonder if I have been somehow transported back to Memphis. I get to the Border, order the necessary provisions, and start back for the house. As I am turning back at the same intersection, I see Life Flight taking off from a parking lot over to the left. What ever was going down.... it had to be really bad.

I get home and am enjoying my T/B with HHH and I am MISSING my empanadas! Gawd Dammit! I had even asked the guy at the window if they were in the bag. Twice! I wanted to make sure I had everything because I didn't want to have to go out again. Not with all the cops and such out there apparently looking for someone or something. I was unhappy, to say the least. I tried to call the T/B back, but no one answered and all I got was the fax machine. Very FAIL. I piled back into the car, minus the dog, and went back to T/B. At the same intersection as before, I stop to make the turn and I see another helicopter taking off from the same parking lot. Now I am REALLY thinking something bad went down. I make a bee line towards T/B and get our empanadas and make straight for home.

Having lived in a place that had consistently made the top ten list of most dangerous US cities, I enjoy living here in Sarasota, where crime is relatively low. I can walk almost everywhere and not worry about being attacked, mugged, molested, or robbed. Usually, most items left outside stay right where you put them. Forbes released it's list of the most dangerous cities in the US for 2009 and wouldn't you know it..... Memphis was #2. Miami was #3. Detroit made #1. These are all places you would think bad crime would happen. They all have large populations with more than 50% below the poverty level, a high foreclosure rate, and very few jobs. While we lived in Memphis, HHH was mugged twice, Our vehicle was broken into 5 times, and things were always stolen from our yard. It was ridiculous. Now, living here in the land of sun, I can relax. If I hear pop, pop, pop.... I don't instantly think it's gunshots in the distance. That is a dangerous thing. The relaxed nature of this beach town lends itself to days filled with lazing in the shade of a beach umbrella, not going over safety features of the newest alarm system for our homes. So, when something like this happens while I am on the way to getting a fourth meal, I am just a little unnerved.

I wish people could progress past the need to steal and maim. I guess our human nature won't let us. We're programed for violence. It's everywhere.

Maybe if we'd all sit down and have a carmel apple empanada, things would be better. What do you think?


Kim said...

I agree.....Bham is bad as well, but we live in a relatively safe area about 20 minutes south.
But safety is not only peace of mind, it's peace of soul.
Glad you got your empanadas!

delmer said...

When I lived in the country gunfire usually signaled a farmer taking care of a groundhog or some other undesirable animal.

I'm pretty sure it meant something else when I lived just north of Ohio State University.

Oreo Cookie Blizzards always make me feel better.

Blondefabulous said...

KIM: Back in college, we went to an SEC Championship game w/the band to BHam. At the hotel(which was questionable to begin with) we were relaxing and suddenly had 2 men barging into our room. Scary! They took off fast enough when they saw there was 4 of us in there, but I wasn't comfortable from then on when traveling.

DELMER: I Loooooove Blizzards. Gunshots just make me shudder ever since I was shot at.

Russ said...

Food makes everything better! I think there would be world peace if everyone just had a good meal. (not really, but it would be a lot happier!)

Then again living in "Detroit on the Catawba" aka Charlotte (see the history channel episode on "Gangland", joy).

phinz said...

What do I think? I think if I don't get a caramel apple empanada in the next 15 seconds, I'M going to start shooting people.


Sorry . . . pms . . .