Thursday, April 9, 2009

My New Desk.

I forgot to tell you.... I got a new desk. We got it the day I twittered about going on an Odyssey for a desk, Cold Stone, and potato wedges. It's bigger than the last one, so there was a lot more room for all the crap I accumulate...... medical records for the kids, family albums, and well..... you see all the junk on there. And under there. AND on top of there. I am a desk pack rat!

One other totally unrelated thing..... tonight , HHH and I were watching "Bones" and we suddenly heard this huge crash outside in front of out house! It was so loud, Oscar began barking and going bonkers! I just thought it was one of the giant trucks (that illegally use the small road in front of our house for a short cut) bouncing over the rail road tracks. I got up to look and across the street someone had smashed into the large tree, knocked half of it down, and sped off without even stopping! Yes, hit and run is alive and well here en la Calle Ocho. There wasn't any property damage to the neighbor's house, and most of the tree fell into the road, so HHH and I went back inside and found that we had missed the end of "Bones". Asshole idiot made me miss who had done it. Guess I'll have to find out tomorrow when it goes online.

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phinz said...

Unless someone reports back to me that limbs (human-type) are missing or severe blood loss is involved, I refuse to have my TV time interrupted.

It's just a personal rule.