Monday, April 20, 2009

In The Groove!

Hah! I got another one in! Look at me, the non Internet blogging goddess! So I was cleaning today and I started thinking to myself, a lot of the music I have on my iPod has a lot to do with cleaning. The most obvious of these are “Happy Little Working Song” from Enchanted. I however, do not have rats, pigeons, and cockroaches helping me clean up the places we work at….. Just us busy working girls. Then there is my favorite for when I am in a particularly nasty bathroom, …. “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. I have been in quite a few bathrooms where I REALLY didn’t want to touch it. Oh, and then there’s “Dirty Little Secret” By the All American Rejects. In my days as a cleaning person, I have seen more dirty little secrets than I care to mention. Discretion is the better part of cleaning. Another one of my favorites for the bathroom is “Taking Care Of Business” by BTO. A lot of the places we go to have HUGE bathrooms that are the size of the house I live in. They have walk in closets, steam rooms, and offices right in there! I guess people like to take care of business where they take care of business, so to speak! Finally, to round out the bathroom medley…… “Everything Comes Down To Poo” from the Scrubs “My Musical” episode, because really, everything eventually does come down to poo.

For the rest of the house, I like to play “Who Can It be Now” by Men At Work. Always a good one for when you approach the door to start work. Oh, and “I’m Alright” from the Caddyshack Movies, because sometimes the clients treat us like crap and you really have to remind yourself that even though you don‘t have a couple mil in pocket change, you‘re still alright, probably better. “Glamorous Life”, by Fergie is a good one for when we clean the multi million dollar ocean side mansions, and so is “Larger Than Life”, by the Backstreet Boys. Some of those places really are larger than life requires.

Finally, to wrap it all up, I like to listen to “No Such Thing” by John Mayer. It reminds me that even though we start out being herded down one path by the powers that be in high school….. We can end up doing something completely different, and that’s OK.

Now, all of these are on shuffle with other songs like “Rock and Roll All Night” by Kiss, “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats, “Soul Man” by The Blues Brothers, and “Hot and Clod” by Katy Perry. Most of the songs were picked for the beat behind the lyrics, instead of the lyrics themselves. It’s easier to clean when you’re bopping along to an up beat little tune. Now, here’s the question I am putting to you, intrepid readers……

What kind of mojo music do you put on when you need to clean up your own “dirty little secrets”??


Russ said...

First off, congrats on the raise! Next, how would your coworkers feel about various insects and woodland creatures helping you clean?

Christina LMT said...

I have a bunch of different crap on my iPod, but I always play heavy metal when I clean or fold laundry. It's got to have screaming guitar, driving beat, and big hair.

Manuel said...

desk's up!