Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back Baby!

Oh yes! Thank you Jebus! I a back on line from casa de Blondefabulous! The net is back up and running and barring any more BBQ pit mishaps, we will stay up and running.

While everything was out, I was operating from my phone and from the wi-fi out of my former apartment complex. Yes, i was stealing their wi-fi in the dead of the night..... but I figure since they dumped us out on the street with only a weeks notice, they owed us one. As it was, I was writing my blog posts on my word program, saving them, then going down to the old place around 9pm and copying and pasting it together for publishing. It was a hassle. Now I am sitting in air conditioned comfort, at my desk, in my NEW leather executive chair, blogging away. Ahhhhhh..... bliss! I'm gonna need that bliss because I have two field trips coming up in a row. One this Friday, and one the following Monday. Why are they cramming these in at the last minute? Right at the end of the year? It's silly. Ah well.....

I had to turn down the catering for HHH's coworker. I just can't do it for what the woman wants. She basically wants to spend $300 for a beach BBQ for 40. The beverages she asked for were gping to cost at least $100. Materials would have cost theother $200, and that would have left nothing for my time and effort. Maybe she can get a restaurant to cater it for her. They can get better deals because they buy in bulk and pass the savings on to the customer. It is a little disappointing though.... I'd like to cater again.

Anyone wanna pay me to cater a party for 15 to 20? I could probably do that for $300.


delmer said...

Congrats on being able to blog in air-conditioned comfort once again. And the leather chair is a nice touch. (I'm commenting from a recliner while I eat popcorn.)

Christina LMT said...

Yay! You're connected again! How awesome. Field trips, huh? I'm SO glad those days are behind me. ;)

Sorry the catering thing fell through, hope you get more jobs soon.

Enjoy your air conditioning, it's been consistently in the nineties here over the past few days. Ugh.

phinz said...

Yay for access!

Double yay for AC--I'm sweating it out in those 90's myself--and these hot flashes certainly are NOT helping.

Sorry about the catering job but that woman really has GOT to get a clue.