Monday, April 6, 2009

God Help Me!

It's Spring Break here and I am in utter hell. I should be at work, but I do not have a sitter for the week. You will recall that I blogged about that last week. Well, today was day 1 and the kids have officially driven me nuts! I woke up not feeling well, (damn the hidden gluten in foods I love!), and then Junior would not leave me alone. He crawled in bed with me and at first it was all cute and adorable,...... but then he took over the TV remote and I was treated to a day of SpongeBob, Teenage Robot, Chowder, and Johnny Test! It was brutal. Then there was the constant whine of "I'm hungry! I'm Hungry! I'm Hungry!" I guess without the structure of the school day to keep them occupied, their stomachs took over and decided the kids had to eat every hour on the hour. I had to nix that idea. It would screw with their diabetes and sugar levels too much.

Add to all that the fact that it was rainy and dreary outside so I couldn't even kick the kids outside to play and the day was shot before it began. I had wanted to do a few loads of laundry, clean up the kitchen, wash and dry all the floors in the living room, and even vacuum off the new sofa cover we had bought to cover the couch in. We even got two throw pillows! (I had been watching HGTV.)

So now I am hoping that tomorrow is going to be a better weather wise. I know it's going to be chillier, but we can handle that. (Um, Spring? Any day now!!!) I'd steal the car from HHH, but he has an appointment with a little old lady I clean house for at work. When our team was there last week, she had asked us to screw a lamp back on to the wall. I went and looked at it and noticed it needed drywall anchors to keep it up or it would just fall off the wall again. My team leader asked me to tell her we don't do that sort of thing, and to soften the blow, I gave her HHH's number and told her he could help her with small maintenance jobs around the house. She called today. She has about 4 small jobs she needs done. She can't do them herself because she had a terrible accident and has a neck injury. (She seems a VERY independent woman.) So tomorrow at 4:30pm, HHH is going to go over and inspect the jobs she has for him and then make a list of what he is going to need. He's also going to see if any of the surplus from the apartments can be used to save her some money. HHH is just a good person like that.

So that's it for now. I'm going to go and finish watching "House". Something big is happening,(No Spoilers!) Catch you tomorrow!!


Putz said...

i have chozen to be fabulous today. and write to you...sort of a pen pal you are....sorry about your gluten prob' sugar has driven me to insanity....everything i eat turns to soklution is to eat so very little and keep my weight down, so i will look pretty the next time you see a picture of me

Blondefabulous said...

PUTZ: That gluten and sugar will get us every time, eh Putz?

delmer said...

My oldest son will call me at work and simply say, "I'm hungry."

He's 15 and we're never without peanut butter and jam... perhaps he'd starve to death if I didn't answer the phone and remind him to make a PB&J.

(Oh, and we had snow today. And it's about 32F in Central Ohio.)

phinz said...

That Spring Break thing is going around . . . the amount of tweenies clogging the 'Buck's cafe today was irritating. Thank God for those locked compounds we call "schools!"

Sorry about the snow, Delmer--do what I did--move from Ohio (I'm from Kent) to LA--it was sunny and 75 today! And no earthquakes!