Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Field Trip Day.

Yes, it was once again field trip day! I had absolutely no idea where we were going, but darn it! I was going! It was Morgan's turn for the field trip. I got to the school, got all checked in, acquired my stick on badge, and was off to the class room. Morgan's teacher doesn't have a problem with me going with them! I like her. One teeny problem though....... MORGAN'S TEACHER WASN'T THERE! Yeah, she had a sub for the field trip. WTF??? Do these women schedule these things and then intentionally ask for those exact days off? I don't get it. Maybe it is a hazing ritual that the permanent teachers do to the subs.... I don't know. Anyway, we get on the bus. The very bouncy bus. The bus with no shocks, concrete seats, and NO SHOCKS! It was brutal. We get to the place we were going to and...OMG! Not only am I dealing with the 75 kids from our school..... there are another 300 in the Municipal Auditorium! We are all there to see "La Musica" Now I thought that "La Musica" being said in Spanish would have meant that it was a program about Latin music and heritage. WRONG-O!! It was a program about chamber music. A dull program about chamber music. I was entertained and all, and why shouldn't I be when I used to play classical Flute, and 7 other instruments, but I was in a room surrounded by almost 400 10 year olds. It wasn't pretty. Lord knows the Emcee lady tried. She was teaching the kids the hand jive, asking questions, trying for audience participation, but these are 10 year olds..... they lose interest quickly. When the first performers came out, it was a trio for violin, cello, and piano. A Scherzo. It was a fast, upbeat piece that held the kids attention, but after it was over, and the emcee started asking the players questions and trying to teach something, she lost all the kids. It only got worse from there when the next two pieces were slower and less entertaining. The chatter noise in the background got louder and the kids seemed to lose all interest! I felt bad for the people putting on the program.

Oh, and in between the professional people playing these wonderful works of chamber music, several schools music classes got up and played selections for the recorder. Yep. squeaky, honky recorder. I was amazed. Who the HELL thought up this torture? I want to give them one of my migraines....... just for laughs. So we get done with this trip and head back to the bus, back to the blessed quiet of the school. I was over joyed. I was in such a good mood to be out of there.... I checked Morgan and Junior out for the day and we bummed around the mall till it was time to pick up HHH!

Retail therapy fixes everything!


metalmom said...

I went on a trip with Babygirl to see a show about history (I thought it had some kind of tie-in with their lessons on the Civil War) No. It was a musical(!) about why history was important. All the kids hated it, chatted and fidgeted. I wish teachers would think about the kids' age and "fidget factor".

phinz said...

That wasn't a field trip--that was a waste of time.

Yay for shopping--the international cure-all!